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Disappointing material choice for natural diapers

A Review On: Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers

Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers

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Pros: they work to hold in potty messes

Cons: far inferior to the product it replaced

I was excited to see "Tendercare" diapers because I'd heard the company was bought out. Tendercare and Tushies have been sanity savers for me over the years, although I usually CD.


A company rep from Earth's Best  claimed these were the same great product, but they are not! These diapers may be chlorine-free like the diapers produced before the buy-out, but they contain the super-absorbant crystals inside, like any grocery-store diaper! Many parents are concerned about exposing their infant's genitals to these chemical agents. The claim was that these diapers do not contain the gel crystals, but if you cut one in half, the crystals all sprinkle out. How disappointing.


As far as effectiveness, yes, they do hold in baby pee & poo, so it does work as a diaper. I was mainly disappointed because of the high expectations I had due to the superior quality of the previous product & the claim that the product is the same. This is not a "natural" diaper.


To use a product of similar quality, you could save money and trouble & just buy the less expensive chlorine-free name brand diapers at your local discount store. Using the previous name for an entirely different and inferior product is misleading.


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