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A Review On: ECODENT Terradent 31 Toothbrush+Refill Medium

ECODENT Terradent 31 Toothbrush+Refill Medium

Rated # 3 in Dental Care
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Pros: low bacteria load, economical, ecological

Cons: Bristles seem to soften faster than regular toothbrushes

I really like that these toothbrushes save me money. I keep the same handle by popping out bristles from the head and putting in new bristles. It's very easy and takes no time at all. Your eco footprint is pretty low with these reusable toothbrushes. A neat feature of the toothbrushes is that they've been clinically proven to have a low bacteria load, because of how the bristles are designed. The only thing that I've noticed, is that the bristles seem to wear out a little faster than conventional toothbrushes.

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A friend of mine recommended this brush but didn't mention the bristles softening quicker. Thanks for sharing that info!