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Econobum Individual

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: Inexpensive, easy to wash, no diaper blow-outs!, adjustable

Cons: very thick prefold can be bulky

After using pocket diapers with my older two children, I was ready for a change.  I wanted something that was easier to wash and something inexpensive to replace my former stash with.  I decided to give the Econobum covers and prefolds a try because they were so inexpensive.  I bought two "kits" (6 covers and 24 prefolds and two wet bags).  I was very pleasantly surprised!  I have been using them on my newborn for the past 5 weeks and have had ZERO leaks... even with EBM poops!  They wash up great and the fit is very adjustable.  I also have some FLIP diaper covers (which are also nice but twice the price) and I actually prefer the Econobum covers!  I feel like they are more adjustable and fit better around my baby's thighs; they are snugger there which prevents leaks. 


From looks alone, they seem a bit thin and only come in white.  Not a fancy diaper in any means, but they gets the job done!


I found that they tend to stain a little bit, so I dry them in the sun.


The prefolds that they come with are designed to fold and lay in the diaper, but I have been using a Snappi to get a more custom fit around my baby.  Since this isn't the intended purpose of the prefold, the prefold is a bit thicker than other brands and makes it tough to do a jellyroll fold, but a newspaper fold seems to work well for us.  The fit is pretty bulky on my newborn, but it seems like it will fit well on an older baby/toddler.  


I wish I had started cloth diapering with Econobum!  This is definitely the way to go to start out in cloth on a budget!  


Pros: inexpensive

I have been very happy with my econobum diapers.  I bought them on a special sale, BOGO.  The diapers are soft, wash well, and are very absorbent.  The covers fit great and do not leak.  I often use the cover over a fitted diaper for night time, and it works great.  Cute colors too!


Pros: Affordable, snap closures, easy to use

Cons: Thin, plain looking

If you have a kid who likes to un-Vlecro their diaper covers then you will appreciate the snaps on these. Virtually child-proof. Plus they are a great value. I have had good luck getting used covers but if I ever need to buy new diaper covers to use with cotton pre-folds again, I will probably buy just these.


Pros: cheap, durable, good customer service

Cons: just one thing: naptime leaks

Econobum is the least expensive cloth diapering system I have ever seen.  Cotton Babies has great customer service, and this is one example of their dedication to customers: a cheap, durable cloth diaper that you can buy in a box with all the covers, prefolds, et all, for only $50.  Individual ones like are great if you want to add to your stash.  This is just the wrap part, so bear in mind that while its cheap, its only 1/2 of the diaper, an actual cotton prefold is needed to make this work.  They hold up well, and if you have any questions or problems, the customer service is amazing.  




-fits skinny baby legs perfectly

-simple: buy the kit, then add a few individual wraps as you find a need

-customer service reps with actual cloth diaper experience

-can resell at end of use and save even more



-does not fit chubby babies

-does not hold well on wiggly babies


Like all prefold diapering systems, naptime was an issue for our econobums.  My daughter was too wiggly for this to hold.  To make it work for naptime or nighttime, I would have needed to buy wool covers to go over it.  Which really defeats the purpose of the "cheap" part for me. I like how easy this makes it to get into cloth diapering, and its worth noting that I was able to resell my kit for two thirds of what I paid when I realized it wouldn't work for my daughter.  Not bad for a couple months of diapering, even part time.


Pros: Great fit, durable elastic

I love Econobums.  Unless you're completely sold on pocket diapers, I'd really recommend these.  They're cheaper than most cover/insert combos, and they fit WONDERFULLY.  The leg elastic is tough as nails and keeps in leaks like nobody's business.  And I love the design--it's kind of retro and just adorable (white with colored trim).  The inserts are absorbent, and the snaps are sturdy. 


Pros: Economical, leak proof, overnight ability, easy care

Cons: plain, no frills

I new I wanted to cloth diaper with our 5th and last child. We decided however, that I would quit my job as a Social Worker, and stay home with baby. I have never gotten to stay home with any of our children yet. This meant going from two incomes to one. So, on a tight budget, I discovered Econobum while researching cloth diapers. I took a chance and ordered a couple. To my surprise, I loved them! They don't come in cutesy prints or anything, but they are extremely dependable and easy to wash. I have since, saved so much money by my choice, that I have acquired other diapers such as Itti Bitti, Fuzzibunz, Lovely, Thirsties and Bumgenious. I find that I always go back to my Econobum cover and Prefolds for night time, and for traveling. They are the one full proof diaper system that I have never had a leak or problems with. I love them!

The next part of my review is showing my love for Econobum with a little project I am working on. Since I began cloth diapering I have become a huge advocate of cloth. It changed my life so to speak. I have recently been working with my Tribe, Shoalwater Bay, Washington State, to start a program for Native Mom's. The program will provide Native American mom's on our reservation with a class on cloth diapering. Teaching the benefits for the environment, the babies, the pocketbook, etc. They will then be given free cloth diapers to start using right away. The idea behind this is to get each and every mom on the reservation to switch! This would make it a disposable free tribe! I am so excited about this! Point being, I have chosen Econobum's to be the diapers that are given. With Econobum's we could give each mom enough to last till potty training! Low income and single moms, young mom's, etc., would never have to buy Pampers again! This, I feel, could be life changing for them in these hard times. I am hoping my little "dream" will come to final completion stages this Spring. I will post to let you all know how it goes!


Pros: Great value, durable, soft elastic, one size fits all

Cons: Only available in white, though variety of trim colors is nice; thin fabric

I purchased this cover to use as a back-up during a buy-one get-one sale and ended up liking it much more than expected--it is not a second choice but a go-to. The rise and waist snaps come in enough settings that the cover is very adjustable and my baby has been able to get a very good fit as she has grown over the last 11 months. I love that the rise snaps fasten easily and don't come undone!

The Econobum cover does not include any internal/double gussets but the adjustability allows it to contain EBF blow-outs pretty well. I love that it is possible to get a snug fit without leaving any marks on baby's skin. The fabric is thin, which makes it less opaque than other covers, but that makes the Econobum softer, more flexible, and more breathable than some others. I have a small stash and launder frequently, but my Econobums look almost like new. When I made a laundry mistake that weakened my other waterproof covers, the Econobums were the only ones to remain unchanged. I really didn't expect them to be this durable.

While this cover is probably meant as a frugal workhorse rather than a fashion statement, I think the Zinnia and Midnight trims are actually very cute!

My only complaint about the Econobum is not about the cover but about the prefold insert. I generally use snappied prefolds in the angel wing fold or bikini twist, neither of which can be done with my Econobum prefolds (but the cover works great with other prefolds folded this way). It is meant strictly for trifolding use, which means it can be a little bulky on a young infant. That said, it does seem to be truly one size fits all, and it really has grown on me as my daughter has become taller and more upright. The prefold is very absorbent and soft, a nice bonus to one of my favorite covers.


The first two photos below show the cover on the tightest setting, with the insert trifolded in the "short" direction and the cover unsnapped with the prefold folded in the toddler/"long" direction. The third photo compares a year-old Econobum prefold with a new, unprepped one.


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Econobum Individual

Econobum is the cloth diaper solution for every budget! Save money while making the environmentally-friendly choice to cloth diaper your little one's bum.

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Econobum Individual