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Econobum Individual Reviews


So pleased!!


Pros: Inexpensive, easy to wash, no diaper blow-outs!, adjustable

Cons: very thick prefold can be bulky

After using pocket diapers with my older two children, I was ready for a change.  I wanted something that was easier to wash and something inexpensive to replace my former stash with.  I decided to give the Econobum covers and prefolds a try because they were so inexpensive.  I bought two "kits" (6 covers and 24 prefolds and two wet bags).  I was very pleasantly surprised!  I have been using them on my newborn for the past 5 weeks and have had ZERO leaks... even with EBM poops!  They wash up great and the fit is very adjustable.  I also have some FLIP diaper covers (which are also nice but twice the price) and I actually prefer the Econobum covers! ...
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Very nice diaper


Pros: inexpensive

I have been very happy with my econobum diapers.  I bought them on a special sale, BOGO.  The diapers are soft, wash well, and are very absorbent.  The covers fit great and do not leak.  I often use the cover over a fitted diaper for night time, and it works great.  Cute colors too!

Great diaper cover. Even better price


Pros: Affordable, snap closures, easy to use

Cons: Thin, plain looking

If you have a kid who likes to un-Vlecro their diaper covers then you will appreciate the snaps on these. Virtually child-proof. Plus they are a great value. I have had good luck getting used covers but if I ever need to buy new diaper covers to use with cotton pre-folds again, I will probably buy just these.

eco yes, econ maybe


Pros: cheap, durable, good customer service

Cons: just one thing: naptime leaks

Econobum is the least expensive cloth diapering system I have ever seen.  Cotton Babies has great customer service, and this is one example of their dedication to customers: a cheap, durable cloth diaper that you can buy in a box with all the covers, prefolds, et all, for only $50.  Individual ones like are great if you want to add to your stash.  This is just the wrap part, so bear in mind that while its cheap, its only 1/2 of the diaper, an actual cotton prefold is needed to make this work.  They hold up well, and if you have any questions or problems, the customer service is amazing.     Pro: -cheap -fits skinny baby legs perfectly -simple: buy...
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Budget-friendly, great performance


Pros: Great fit, durable elastic

I love Econobums.  Unless you're completely sold on pocket diapers, I'd really recommend these.  They're cheaper than most cover/insert combos, and they fit WONDERFULLY.  The leg elastic is tough as nails and keeps in leaks like nobody's business.  And I love the design--it's kind of retro and just adorable (white with colored trim).  The inserts are absorbent, and the snaps are sturdy. 
mechele johnson

Greening my Rez with Econobum


Pros: Economical, leak proof, overnight ability, easy care

Cons: plain, no frills

I new I wanted to cloth diaper with our 5th and last child. We decided however, that I would quit my job as a Social Worker, and stay home with baby. I have never gotten to stay home with any of our children yet. This meant going from two incomes to one. So, on a tight budget, I discovered Econobum while researching cloth diapers. I took a chance and ordered a couple. To my surprise, I loved them! They don't come in cutesy prints or anything, but they are extremely dependable and easy to wash. I have since, saved so much money by my choice, that I have acquired other diapers such as Itti Bitti, Fuzzibunz, Lovely, Thirsties and Bumgenious. I find that I always go back to my Econobum...
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Very underrated cover!


Pros: Great value, durable, soft elastic, one size fits all

Cons: Only available in white, though variety of trim colors is nice; thin fabric

I purchased this cover to use as a back-up during a buy-one get-one sale and ended up liking it much more than expected--it is not a second choice but a go-to. The rise and waist snaps come in enough settings that the cover is very adjustable and my baby has been able to get a very good fit as she has grown over the last 11 months. I love that the rise snaps fasten easily and don't come undone! The Econobum cover does not include any internal/double gussets but the adjustability allows it to contain EBF blow-outs pretty well. I love that it is possible to get a snug fit without leaving any marks on baby's skin. The fabric is thin, which makes it less opaque than other covers, but that...
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Econobum Individual › Econobum Individual Reviews