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The Only Carrier that Feels Safe for our Newborn

A Review On: Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier

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Pros: safe, durable, easy, practical

Cons: infant version hurts back, hot

We got our Ergo as a gift and it's the only carrier we feel good about with our infant, since all the others seem to leave her with her chin on her chest when she falls asleep. This is also the case with the Ergo when the infant insert is used belly-to-belly, but there is a side-lying option that works GREAT, and keeps her breathing free and easy. Once she has good head control we'll switch to belly-to-belly.

My only concerns with the infant insert are that my back ends up hurting, and I am very aware of her head as I work because it is kind of out and to the side. I think both issues will be resolved when we switch to the belly-to-belly or back position. I can adjust the straps to help my back, too. In addition, the infant insert gets very hot for baby and mama/papa.

I have seen the Ergo at work with my nieces, who are older. My brother-in-law straps my niece to his back in one quick motion, and then they both sweep and mop the floors. My niece is SOOOO happy to spend that time with her daddy. My sister carriers her around on her back when she walks around town or goes on hikes. My niece looks so comfortable and happy!

The carrier has a great zippered front pouch, too, to store her binky, burp rag, my wallet, etc. It also has a flap that can secure over her head to shield her from sun and wind.

I have heard that the Ergo is much better for baby's spine than other upright carriers, and it puts the weight on your hips/waist instead of shoulders.

I LOVE this carrier, and it will grow with our baby. Definitely recommend!


Hi Tear! :)
Have you found the Ergo waist belt digs into your lower back with a front carry? That is, the padded part goes in front, which is fine, but the non-padded buckle part is pulled forward into your lower back by the baby's weight? I have a Patapum baby carrier (very similar to the Ergo) and this is a problem for me carrying my now 17-lb DD.
Hi Blanca!
I do notice that the waist strap pulls forward on my back: I think that's what makes my back hurt. I was hoping that was just because of the newborn/sideline positioning since she's held more out front. I've experimented with putting the waist strap on my hips , then on my true waist, and I think there may be a sweet spot in there, but I'm still figuring it out.
Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Soft Structured Carriers › Ergo Baby Carrier › Reviews › Tear78's Review