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Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews

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Our go-to, from newborn to toddler!


Pros: Comfortable, easy, dad-friendly, stylish

Cons: HOT in warm weather.

My husband and I are anti-"baby bucket."  Everyone these days seems to carry their baby around in a plastic bucket with a handle, holding her at shin height and putting her on the floor for convenience.  When I got pregnant, we swore we would never be "bucket people."  We didn't know it at the time, but we were destined to become Ergo people instead.   Need to get your baby to sleep?  Try the Ergo. Need to get on and off a subway (translation: stairs!)?  Use your Ergo! Want to get through a crowded store?  Ergo to the rescue! Want a carrier your husband can figure out?  Ergo it is! Need to just hug your baby, but still get things done...
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Good for 5+months


Pros: Comfy

Cons: Infant insert didnt work

I had this carrier from day one. I used it until babe was 2 weeks and then it stoped working for us. Now that babe is 5 months and we dont need the infant insert this works great! Babe was really long so maybe that had something to do with it. It does take practice putting this thing on with babe in it. Great support!

Great for family hikes...


Pros: doesn't strain my back

Cons: Would like some better patterns to choose from.

I actually do not own a Beco yet but I borrow one from a neighbor when we go on longer family hikes or if we are going out of town. It is soooo much more supportive and comfortable than my Moby or Bijorn. We have used it for our daughter that is 18 months and tall and skinny and she loves it and I have used it w/ our 1 month old a couple of times. Works great every time and very versatile. 
Alicia Morris



Pros: comfortable, good for heavier babies, front and back carry

Cons: short back/bad for tall babies, uncomfortable hip carry

I love my ergo. I bought it while still pregnant on the recommendation of a friend and I have been using it ever since. DD is 16 months now. My only problem is that she is really tall, so that back is a little short on her when I do back carries and she tends to lean back.

Daddy's Favorite


Pros: Ease of use, durable, multiple uses

Cons: limited sizing, no forward facing

My husband "gave" this to me for Xmas last year after I had not-so-subtly asked for it. I had used a wrap for 5months until this point and was interested in the Ergo. I loved my wrap but I wanted something that would be easier to put on when outside my car and wouldn't drag on the ground. I really enjoy the Ergo but my husband particularly loves it. We have the black color and is non-threatening enough for 'machismo' type issues.  He likes to wear it on his front. We did lots of hikes with baby on the front in the Ergo and he enjoyed using it with a backpack for workout walks/ ruck marches. We were living in Italy at the time and infant carriers are recommended in Venice, rather...
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Love it still after a year and a half


Pros: Comfort for mom and baby, easy to clean

Cons: Positions can't vary that easy

I got this when my little one was 6 months old and he has lived in it ever since.  I walk with him in it at least three times a week and clean the house with him several times a week too!  Easy to clean which is important with as much as we use it. It feels great for me and he loves it too.  When he is cranky I use it to sooth him as well. Couldn't be happier!

Love it... mostly!


Pros: Front, back, and hip positions; very comfortable

Cons: straps slide off; hip positions is awkward

We love our Ergo. Even without the infant insert, I've used it often since my son was just two weeks old. The weight is distributed really well, and I don't get back pains even when I wear my son on long-ish (2-4 miles) walks. The front pockets are really great- the pockets are big enough for a wallet and keys.   My only complaints are that the shoulder strap slips off. I have tried tightening it in a variety of ways and this still happens. Also the hip position is awkward to get the kiddo in and out of.   Overall- great carrier. Seems pretty durable. Very comfortable, even as my son is approaching 30 lbs.  

Great carrier overall


Pros: comfortable, soft, positions baby safely

Cons: for someone with a small frame, it's too wide.

We really love this carrier.  My husband is able to use it and loves it.  I like it too but because I have a small build, the straps seem too wide to properly stay up on me.  But I am still able to use it and our daughter loves it.  

Love it for my toddler


Pros: easily adjustable for multiple wearers, quick in-and-out, comfortable, good resale value

Cons: expensive, doesn't fold into diaper bag well

This carrier has gotten a lot of use at our house. My husband and I both love it. It's comfortable to wear for long walks but also easy to keep in the car and slip on for a quick trip to the grocery store. Now that our daughter is almost two it is our preferred way of wearing her.   She's getting heavier, and it is definitely easier on our arms and backs to have the Ergo on hand. She also often wants to get up and down, and the it's pretty easy to get her in and out of quickly. I can put her on my back by myself with no problem. It's relatively cool in warm weather, and it can be thrown in the wash when it gets covered in peanut butter.   The straps have faded a little...
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great carrier


Pros: comfortable, durable, long lasting

Cons: not for a newborn, made in china

Good for us starting at 5-6months. Still using with my 3 year old. Great for nursing and napping out and about. Good option for getting a child to sleep when they don't want to.  Think there are similar carriers made in the us, wish this was. 
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