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ERGO Baby Organic Carrier


Pros: comfy for me and my child; easy on and off; easy to set down sleeping child

I used the Ergo with my first until he was nearly three. He preferred to be on my front most of the time, right up till the end.  We used it for grocery stores, walks, travel (so great for airports!) and some epic hikes.  I am now using it for my second baby, age 3 months.  She was too big for the newborn insert (birth weight 11 lbs, 4 oz and the insert goes to 12 lbs!), so I had to wait longer than I wanted to use the Ergo.  We used it with her legs "frog-legged" inside and a receiving blanket beneath her bum for several weeks, now she rides the regular way.  She seems to greatly prefer the Ergo to the Moby Wrap or ring sling because she can look around. I love the comfort (for wearer and rider), that it is so washable, the ease of putting it on/taking it off, the sleeping hood feature, and how easy it is too remove a sleeping child or let out a toddler who wants to walk.  


Pros: good for dad to wear, good for mom to wear, good for babies, good for toddlers

Cons: may not be best for very young infants/newborns

I had an Ergo in 2009 with DD #1 and used it through 2011.


I still have that Ergo and another one with DD#2 now.


It was recommended to me when I had an infantino carrier that dangled at the crotch in 2009. I would wear that thing for 15 minutes in the store and my shoulders would kill. Not to mention, hanging by the crotch is not a comfy or safe position for babe. The Ergo was recommended to me and it became my sole carrier! I did Disney for three days with a 23+ lb 6-month-old and felt fine. The last time I used it with DD2 she was 2.5 years and I was hiking with her in Colorado mountains. It worked fantastic! I've also seen it on a blog about parents who carry their much-older (8/9 I believe she was) special needs child while going on family hikes. Clearly it can be used to high weight limits.


My original organic carrier from 2009 is still in great shape. Literally the only sign of wear is that the label on the inside where the belt meets your waist has started coming off. That would hurt the resale value but I don't plan to resell because it is the one carrier I have which both kids have used. :) I anticipate my newer carrier will have great resale value in a couple of years when I may sell it.


My big and tall husband can use this carrier and so can I. Very adjustable. There is a convenient zipper pocket. The hood is great for sleeping and/or nursing. Oh, I can nurse and move around in it! I just adjust it so it's longer by pulling up on the buckle at the side (very easy) until she is at boob level, then latch. The hood provides coverage and support for this if you need it.




We don't find it all that cool but we live in Florida and have yet to find any way to make wearing cooler. We're just hot here.


I first purchased this when dd1 was 4-months-old and didn't know how it would work with a newborn. I tried it out with DD2 and never got a good fit when she was tiny. I tried with and without the infant insert. This could have been my error because I saw that other people used it fine with younger and smaller babies. I personally preferred using a wrap/ring sling/mei tei for the first few weeks. At or maybe before two months, the Ergo worked perfectly great for my little.


You are seeing these for less and less expensive these days and some in convenient locations.



Back carry with 19-month-old DD1 while hiking



Front carry with approx. 5-month-old DD1



DD2, 4-months, carried by daddy in newer black organic Ergo


Nursing DD2 in the Ergo. You can see how she is a bit lower and the hood is up. I think I only have one side of the hood up/clasped here. She is nursing on the side facing the camera. With a nursing top on, that's all that you can see!


Pros: Easy on the back even with a heavy toddler. Better hood than Ergo sport.

Cons: Impossible to back carry without a cooperative toddler and a couch. Hard to get on by yourself, even for front carry positions.

I am mostly happy with the Ergo organic except for the difficulties in getting it on (and for front carry, off), both for wearing an infant or toddler. It is wonderful once on- your child is worn close and it's incredibly comfortable except for the chest strap over the breasts in back carry. 

Definitely a step up from the usual "crotch dangler" carriers, but the difficulty with the on/off process means I still revert to them when trying to wear one of my kids to sleep. 

Infant insert for the Ergo is also an extra 30 to 40 dollars, but is included with carriers like the Beco.


Pros: both hubs and I can wear this carrier, comfy for our three year old or 10 month old, front and back carry, cozy for sleeping with the hood

Cons: waist strap isn't flattering for the "mummy tummy", chest strap cuts across full milky breasts :(

Loved the Ergo! Our two boys have spent countless hours of cuddle time in our's.


Pros: Comfortable for parents and baby, hood for sleeping, easy to adjust

Cons: infant insert works but is awkward and hot, can't face outward

We tried several carriers and the Ergo baby was the only one that really was comfortable for both me and my husband and our daughter too.  She is 21 months now, and we still find the Ergo indispensable at times.  


She didn't like to be swaddled as an infant, so slings and wraps that impeded free movement of her limbs didn't work at all.  There were times when she really wanted to face outward, and we had a cheap infantino carrier a friend got at a yard sale which we would use for those times, but it was very uncomfortable for me and bad for baby's spine to be carried that way too much.  We used the infant insert (the heart-2-heart insert) until she was about 4 months old, and it worked well for her in that she seemed comfortable, but it was a little awkward to get her into the carrier, and luckily she grew out of it before it got too hot because it is a big pillowy quilt-like thing that looks really hot.  


The hood is the most useful aspect of this carrier.  It makes a nice dark little sleeping cocoon and supports the baby's head well when sleeping.  DD still will nap well in the Ergo even at 21 months.  At various times in her first year it was the only way to get her to take a nap (of any decent length) at all!  If she won't or can't nurse to sleep, a walk in the Ergo with the hood up is our trusty back-up solution.  


My husband and I share care for DD, so we're constantly having to re-adjust the carrier if the other one has used it last, and the Ergo is easy to adjust to fit different waist and heights.  We used it front carry for the first 10 months of so and since then almost exclusively back carry.  I tried hip carry once and it worked o.k., but didn't seem worth the effort to switch around the buckles and straps.


I've heard that Boba is now making a carrier that can be used for an infant without a separate insert, and everything I've heard about the Boba suggests that it is very similar to the Ergo.  So if I were making the purchase again today, I might consider the Boba instead if I didn't want to use a wrap or sling for the first few months.

9-10 weeks old with infant insert

ERGO Baby Organic Carrier

Why Buy Organic? Organic cotton is produced without the use of harsh chemicals. Instead natural fertilizers, compost and the use of natural pest control have helped make the growing of organic cotton a viable enterprise. The benefit of producing cotton organically, to the consumer, especially our babies, is the softness and quality that only organic cotton can provide. This is one of the top reasons people choose organic cotton for their delicate baby's skin. The ERGO Baby Carrier's ergonomic design supports a correct sitting position for the baby's hip, pelvis and spine growth. It disperses most of the baby's weight between the hips and thighs. The ERGO also balances the baby's weight to parents' hips and shoulders, and alleviates physical stress for the parent. In infancy, The ERGO with the Infant Insert (sold separately), supports your newborn like a baby sling while having both hands free to work. It can be worn on the front, back or hip position. Features: Recommended use from newborn (with additional Infant Insert sold separately) up to 40 lbs Can be worn on front, back or hip and easily shifted from one to the other Comes with detailed, illustrated instructions Adjusts for most sizes, waist circumference extends from 25" up to 43" Attached Sleeping Hood supports sleeping baby's head and expands with the growth of your child Padded waist belt supports the lumbar area plus 1" thick padding in the shoulder straps Provides continued support when a baby sling or other front carriers are no longer comfortable Allows for freedom of movement because the parent and baby are like one Convenient pocket on back of carrier with side zipper for easy access 14 ounce organic cotton canvas for maximum durability 400 threads per inch cotton poplin lining and hood More secure than a hard-frame for baby hiking and walking Age: birth to 40 lbs

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