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A great carrier, but not perfect

A Review On: ERGO Baby Organic Carrier

ERGO Baby Organic Carrier

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Pros: Easy on the back even with a heavy toddler. Better hood than Ergo sport.

Cons: Impossible to back carry without a cooperative toddler and a couch. Hard to get on by yourself, even for front carry positions.

I am mostly happy with the Ergo organic except for the difficulties in getting it on (and for front carry, off), both for wearing an infant or toddler. It is wonderful once on- your child is worn close and it's incredibly comfortable except for the chest strap over the breasts in back carry. 

Definitely a step up from the usual "crotch dangler" carriers, but the difficulty with the on/off process means I still revert to them when trying to wear one of my kids to sleep. 

Infant insert for the Ergo is also an extra 30 to 40 dollars, but is included with carriers like the Beco.


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