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Great for boys - easy to clean, take along

A Review On: Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty

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Pros: Large splash guard, easy-to-clean one piece insert, handle for easy moving, steady base

Cons: Few leaks around legs, between frog eyes, but usually due to positioning or baby playing with himself :-)

This potty is great - excellent value & performance! (plus it's cute!)  My 9 month old DS took to it right away.  He is a big boy (30 in. tall - feet not quite on floor - & 27 lbs.) and this is the best potty I've found to fit him - slightly rounder/smaller bowl than Baby Bjorn potty chair (that one is more of a narrow oval - same depth), but haven't had any trouble catching both pees & poops.  The guard is a tiny bit higher & definitely much wider (better splash protection).  If DS is positioned properly (not leaning too far back or sitting too far forward) we don't have issues with leaks nor a smushed package. ;-)


The seat is plenty wide enough as well (BBPC is narrower - not a problem for most, but we need the room!) & just as deep as BBPC from front to chair back.  Handle makes it easy to move between rooms (great for nighttime EC or just bringing potty to DS where he is playing) and to bring along for use in the car. We love it!

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i love this potty. great and easy to clean. however, the frogs eyes make it too wide for my daughter. it was awkward for her. i had to go buy a different one for her. she still liked it but wasnt really comfortable for her until she was bigger. we started her on it when she was 18 mo.