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Meh.. Cute Idea, which failed..for us, at least?

A Review On: Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty

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Pros: Cute

Cons: Awkward shape, ineffective splash guard

This was the first potty my in-laws got my son when they heard I was doing EC. At first, he couldn't even fit in it. He wasn't even crawling yet, and his thighs were too chunky to squeeze into this thing. So I set it aside, they ordered him a Bjorn Chair, because I had heard rave reviews about it, especially amongst the ECing community, and that was that. I introduced it to him again after he had slimmed down, and after he began refusing the Bjorn. He used it a select period of times. Mostly out of desperation, mainly only when I squatted him over it. Would *not* willingly use it worth a darn. Plus it looks difficult to get comfortable on, his bits are pretty much skin-tight to the splash guard, and he's peed between the eyes quite frequently. He'll only use this for night-time ECing, and ONLY if he's being nursed at the same time. Which is terribly awkward!


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