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Flip Diaper Covers - Snaps - Cover Only

82% Positive Reviews
Rated #28 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: cute colors, not made in china

Cons: prefolds+DH=no

we tried these for a month.  i loved the colors, the system was easy to use, and I prefer to buy American made when I can.  But DH gave up trying tofigure out how to change these, and I didn't want to be the only diaper changer for two babies.




-work well

-good warranty

-hold value, we resold ours for about half price



-prefolds+DH="honey she's in a cloth diaper, do you want me to change her into paper, or can you please do it?"


Flips- they're great, just not for us.


Pros: Bullet-proof when on correctly

Cons: As with any cover, if there is even a little sliver of diaper showing, clothes will be soaked!

After cloth diapering with 4 kids, I've learned all too well that no single diaper (system) is perfect for every child.  With baby #4, I LOVE the flip covers with a good bamboo fitted for night time diapering.  We're able to get a good 10-12 hours out of this system, rash and leak free.  The only problem is that it is essential to have the cover on perfectly.  If you put the cover on in a dark room and don't notice the sliver of diaper peeking out from under the cover, you will be VERY sorry in the morning.  Clothes/bedding WILL be soaked. Pockets kind of take away this risk, but I find that as long as I get the cover on correctly, I'm able to go a lot longer with a lot less bulk.  With pockets I seem to need too many inserts to absorb the same amount over night.


Pros: Great light fabric, easy to use

Cons: short rise for a when the baby gets bigger

I used theses from newborn to about 5 months and LOVED them but they are not my favorite anymore with my bigger baby, the waist doesnt seem to be a nice fit even though its wide enough, I don't find the rise if long enough. Great fit other than that! No leaking and so easy to use! Wish there would be a bit more options for colour and print though.


Pros: Trim, easy to clean, multi sized, and durable cover

Cons: No prints or cute designs, bulky on newborn

The Flip diaper covers are my favorite because they're easy to use, small to store, and last for a long time. I've used a few different "one size" type systems/covers and many, many sized covers, and I think this one is the easiest. You can often find good deals on them and they're usually in really good condition if you buy seconds or used, as well. The snaps have always held up well, and I liked that I could use one type of diaper cover for both my toddler and baby!


The colors are vibrant, although I do wish they had prints and embroidery, etc. to spice them up a bit instead of just having a solid color. I have also seen replacement snaps available in all of the colors if you ever do have a problem with a snap at some point.


One of the best things about this cover is that it's so easy to clean. If you get something on it, you can easily just wipe it out or use your diaper sprayer on it. Because of the material, it dries fast after washing, and I successfully used it with both line and gas drying. The integrity didn't ever seem to wane regardless of the washing/drying routine, and smells don't build up with it, either.


The biggest downside is that if you're using it on the smallest setting, the inserts that it comes with are a bit bulky and can create a gap around the waist. I suggest using a different diaper for your small-small baby, or using a fitted insert from a different company so that it fits the diaper better. For overnights, I found that a hemp liner and a stay-dry (synthetic fiber) liner worked the best!


This is the only diaper cover that I actually kept after my last one was born, because it was one that worked.


I tend to like non-pocket covers for daytime use so I can just change out the prefold if the cover didn't get dirty and they air-dry quickly when washed. The fit is roomy but cute and it is not an infant cover, but we were able to use it from about 3 months through potty training. The snaps are awesome, can't beat the colors, never had any leaking as long as everything was tucked in well... I love these covers.


Pros: Cute colors/prints, easy to snap, easy to get proper fit, doesn't leak, quality materials, good price

Cons: Stains

I'm so sad to see the negative reviews here! We LOVE these covers!


We were previously using Thirsties Duo Wrap Size Two, but the velcro just wasn't working and my son could undo them by 10-11 months. I opted for snaps and Nicki's Diapers was having a sale on these, so I bought a few to try and we really liked them, so I bought a few more.


They wash well. I just wash them on hot with my prefolds in gentle detergent and line dry. 


They fit really well on my son. They keep the prefold in place and don't make things too bulky. The snaps are strong and I haven't had any pop open. We haven't had a single leak in these diapers!!


My only complaint is that they stain on the inside, but the Thirsties did, too. I think that's par for the course for diaper covers, though!


I'll be saving these for any future babies! I sold my Thirsties.


Pros: easy, trim, great fit, quick dry

This is my favorite diaper cover. I reach for them first. I own three and will be buying more. I use a prefold trifolded inside. The snaps are great quality. I love the positions of the snaps. I don't get wing droop. I never get leaks. They contain the mess wonderfully. It does not have double gussets so it might not work great for exclusively breastfed babies unless you put them in a fitted diaper first. They can be very bulky on a newborn but that is the case with all one stze diapers from my experience. I didn't start using them till my daughter was 5 months old and she is 11 months old now. I highly recommend this diaper cover if you want to use prefolds and a cover. Fairly inexpensive and works great. I wish all my diapers were these.


Pros: Price, colors, trim fit,

Cons: elastic, trim fit

Great cover for the price, good color choices and lots of sales. They have just enough stretch and offer a nice trim fit.

The trim fit doesn't provide great coverage for bulkier fitteds. The elastic is said to have a short life, but mine are about 18 months old and going strong.


Pros: easy to use

Cons: no inserts included, lengthens time of changes

I attempted prefolds and wanted a cover to look cute. This is a very simple easy cover. I love the snaps. Honestly I just didn't like covers. I would prefer this cover to include an insert. I found the cover to lengthen the time it took to change DS diaper. It didn't seem to serve a purpose other than to look cute. Just not a cover girl.


Pros: The colors are bright...

Cons: Unhappy with fit, single gusset, too big for newborn

We purchased these before our little guy was born when they had the flips sale. We have 3 covers and NEVER use them. My husband and I tried when our little guy used mostly prefolds and were unhappy with the fit. It took forever for them to "fit" and then they continued to leak. We tried both snap and applix. We just stopped grabbing them. I will probably sell them if I dont use them for baby #2.

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Flip Diaper Covers - Snaps - Cover Only

Flip Diaper Covers - Cover OnlyWhy Flip™?Because Flip makes cloth diapering simple! TOSS the used insert into your diaper pail REPLACE the insert with a clean one REUSE the cover. The one-size cover and insert adjusts to fit most babies from 7-35 pounds. Absorbency?Flip™ Stay-Dry liners are made of 3 absorbent layers of microfiber and a smooth stay-dry suede that wicks away moisture from your baby's bum-keeping baby drier, longer.  Flip™ features:A waterproof shell, so no extra cover is needed. Wipe the inside of the cover out and use it over and over again! Form fitting elastic to prevent leaks. Patent pending comfy butterfly closure. A feature that is unique to cloth diapers made by Cotton Babies. No stuffing involved just tuck insert under flaps and go! Choose between a one-size Stay-Dry Insert or a one-size Certified Organic Cotton Insert. Disposable inserts are also available for use while traveling. Patent pending 3x3 adjustable snap system to fi

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