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Favorite diaper cover!

A Review On: Flip Diaper Covers - Snaps - Cover Only

Flip Diaper Covers - Snaps - Cover Only

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Pros: Cute colors/prints, easy to snap, easy to get proper fit, doesn't leak, quality materials, good price

Cons: Stains

I'm so sad to see the negative reviews here! We LOVE these covers!


We were previously using Thirsties Duo Wrap Size Two, but the velcro just wasn't working and my son could undo them by 10-11 months. I opted for snaps and Nicki's Diapers was having a sale on these, so I bought a few to try and we really liked them, so I bought a few more.


They wash well. I just wash them on hot with my prefolds in gentle detergent and line dry. 


They fit really well on my son. They keep the prefold in place and don't make things too bulky. The snaps are strong and I haven't had any pop open. We haven't had a single leak in these diapers!!


My only complaint is that they stain on the inside, but the Thirsties did, too. I think that's par for the course for diaper covers, though!


I'll be saving these for any future babies! I sold my Thirsties.


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