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Flip Diaper with stay dry insert

89% Positive Reviews
Rated #7 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: Inserts are very absorbent, versatile, and do not stain easily.

Cons: Covers tend to allow leaking around the legs because of non-snug fit.

I bought several flip systems for my now 18 month old and used them for several months. I ended up selling the covers with just one insert per cover, keeping the extra inserts for myself. I love the inserts and use them now with my other covers. I wish they were a little bit wider because the poop can miss it sometimes on the sides. I don't think I have one insert with a stain. They just never stain. There absorbency blows everyone else out of the water though.


Pros: Cute, easy to use and fit well

Cons: Issues with PUL

I purchased 3 day packs of the Flips with the Stay Dry inserts and the snaps and started using them when my son was about a month old.  They were very cute and fit my son well; with the 6 covers and 18 inserts I found that I was only washing them every 3 days or so.  The snaps and elastic have held up well for the last 10 months, however the PUL has started to wear/crack which meant that they leaked if my son wet them too much.  I contacted the company and was told that I should be washing them more frequently and also that my water temperature may have been too high; I had otherwise followed the laundering instructions on the box and used Penguin Sport Wash.  They did offer to replace the ones that were suspect, even though it was no apparent fault of the diaper.  I was very pleased with their customer service and have recommended Flip Diapers to others.


Pros: Fun colors, flexible sizing, affordable, good for overnights

Cons: Leg elastic not super durable

We had a ton of Flips and Flip inserts, in almost every color but pink!  I used these diapers a lot for night-time, because they're so stuffable.  Layered with a stay-dry insert, you can add whatever other inserts you need for night-time absorbency.  The snaps are good quality.  The price is definitely right for these diapers (although EconoBum is even better).  My only issue with these is the leg elastic.  While only a couple of mine actually completely went out--totally lost their elasticity--all of them grew less elastic over time and, thus, weren't as snug around the legs as is ideal.


Pros: perfect fit for all ages

Cons: insert

I use the flip cover with a hemp insert or prefold no issues with my kiddos ( one is potty trained now) but my youngest still wears these this was my first cloth diaper I flip flop between these at night and fuzzibunz during the day


Pros: keeps baby dry, NO leaking

I love my Flip Diapers. Not only do they keep my 2 month old dry, but I haven't had to deal with any nasty diaper rashes. With my daughter I used disposables, and we could only use certain diapers or she'd break out. I decided with our next one I'd cloth diaper :) Never thought I'd love it so much. I love that I can also use eco friendly disposable inserts as well for when we travel. I only wish they had cute prints and not just solids.


Pros: quality

I have been using this cover for my son from birth. He is now ten months and 27lbs with a long rise and big thighs and I'm still happily using it with prefolds. It handles double stuffing for nights and has maintained its new look.


Pros: NEVER leak, can be used with cloth or disposable inserts, reusable without washing

Cons: it doesn't come in more colors, change more frequently

This diaper is my favorite for being out and about or traveling. I hate lugging bulky cloth diapers around doing errands, but this system works  more like sposies. We use the cloth inserts at home, which have to be changed more frequently than reg. cloth unless you double the inserts (for older babies/toddlers). When we go out, we use g disposable inserts in a flip cover. It made life so much easier!! We lived at Walter Reed Army Medical Center while my daughter was 8-12 bc my husband was hurt in Iraq. We lived in a hotel room and had to share laundry facilities with the other families on our hall, which made washing cloth diapers difficult. I was so relieved when we got these!


Pros: skin side of insert stays dry, very absorbant, one size inserts and shells

Cons: zero

I just recently switched to the Flip diapers (inserts and covers) and am never going back! Far more absorbant than any other cloth I have tried or disposables! The covers contour well to the legs and the snaps allow great adjustment to idividual baby size. I was iffy about using inserts with no prefolds but these really do what they say-absorb and keep the skin dry! They come in day packs(6 inserts and 2 shells) , or separately, for a price far under the other complete one size diapering systems I've encountered. I love them and will use them from now on only!    


Pros: work well, easy to use, love the snaps

Cons: none really, would like leg gussets

I have a couple of these that I just use as covers (you can buy them without the inserts too). They work very well. I love the snaps, especially that it is two rows. They don't have extra leg gussets, but the shape still works well. I've never had any leaks while using these covers.
Flip Diaper with stay dry insert

Order an individual flip Diaper with a stay dry insert on this page. The flip diaper and the insert are one-size from 7 to 35 pounds. Now also stocking Twilight, Butternut, Noodle, Grasshopper, Moonbeam blue, Ribbit green, Zinnia pink and Blossom.

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Flip Diaper with stay dry insert