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A favorite for younger, shorter babies

A Review On: FreeHand Mei Tai Baby Carrier

FreeHand Mei Tai Baby Carrier

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Pros: Narrower base lets young baby ride legs-out, compact design is lightweight and folds very small

Cons: Not my favorite for taller, heavier kids

I've owned several Freehands, before they were owned by TogetherBe. Two podaegis and a mei tai. All were very comfortable, very easy to use, gorgeous, and best of all, a perfect fit for my short-legged shrimp who liked to ride legs-out, no matter what. At least two of these were not things I purchased, but gifts or testers. I do seem to remember buying one pod (and I don't spend money on carriers very often, so this is notable) but don't recall how much I paid for it. 


This isn't a "full of frills" design, not the ones I've had, but they are gorgeous in their simplicity and SO compact. I never missed a headrest with the mei tai, and the simplicity of a podaegi can't be beat. 


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