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Fuzzibunz One Size Diaper Reviews

Positive Reviews


One Size = Smaller Diaper Bag


Pros: hip snaps, one size for less diaper confusion, pocket is easy to stuff

Cons: hip snaps, colors

I like this style, but my husband dislikes having the extra snaps for the legs. And if I'm going to be the only one using them, I might as well get colors I like, and these aren't my style.   PRO -one size = less diapers to carry in diaper bag, since they can be snapped up or down to fit. - quality materials, these last through at least 3 kids since mine were bought used too and are still going strong. -pocket design is easy to stuff, and have prepped and ready to go! -hip snaps keep these in place through crawling and toddling around all day   CON - hip snaps, my husband will not change these at night -colors are not as cute as charlie banana. I must add,...
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My favorite cloth diaper


Pros: Trim fit, great color choices, durable fabric, no leaks

We live near Cotton Babies (home to BumGenius) and, almost by default, I had mostly BGs for my baby.  As much as I like the BGs, if I had to do it over, I'd choose these diapers.  I had two of them, and they were my go-to favorite diapers.  They were the diapers I chose when we were going out and I wanted a trimmer fit for a cute outfit.  (As much as I love the fluffy booty, it's not the best for fitting into toddler jeans.)  The FB inner fleece (or whatever it's called) is super soft.  It doesn't stay AS soft after lots of washes, but it's still really nice and absorbent.  The outer fabric is durable and impervious to leaks.  I didn't have...
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Works for us


Pros: dries pretty fast

Cons: Have to change cover with every diaper, need more room in diaper bag

Probably the best pocket diaper out there, but I am really a fan of covers with either fitteds, pre-fold or flats.

Negative Reviews


Wasn't impressed.


Pros: Cute colors, poo comes off easily, easy to replace elastic

Cons: Leaked, hard to get the right size, elastic is exposed

I bought these used from a Mama here on MDC. I wanted a night time diaper that was very absorbent, but wouldn't leave my LO feeling wet and getting rashy like my cotton prefolds had been doing. The six I received were all in excellent condition - one was even new, unused.    Initially I liked these diapers. I thought the design was cool. I spent a good hour painstakingly fitting all the diapers to my son - six buttons to adjust per diaper. I tucked all the little 'tails' in their little 'holes' and we tried them that night.    I'm forever wondering how people get these diapers to work. I mean... fleece repels water. Is it any wonder that my son's pee would...
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A cloth Diapering Don't


Pros: Its a cloth diaper

Cons: Bad Fit, Ugly, runs Small

It's clear Fuzzi Bunz only innovation was the pocket diaper 10 years ago. This diaper is a disaster of epic proportions. The fit is terrible, it leaks, and my god who ever picked those prints should be fired. Go with Bum Genuis, it's a far better product

Can't stand the Elites!!


Pros: one size

Cons: too narrow, not enough fabric to cover older/larger babies

I was a huge fan of the original FB one size diapers. Then they discontinued them all and came out with the elites. I am NOT a fan. These diapers are a lot smaller than the regular one size and didn't fit my (then 2 years old) son! Waste of money! The Elites have been revaamped (yet again) and I have not tried the 'new' elites. Not sure if I want to spend the money!

More Reviews


Poor quality, poorly thought out design


Pros: It's a cloth diaper

Cons: Weird fit, terrible prints, hot causes rashes and fleece gets pills after one wash

Not impressed with this diaper. Left horrible red marks on my daughters legs and its so hot that she was left sweating and got a major rash.

Too much work to get the sizing right.


Pros: Quality materials, one size fits birth to potty trained

Cons: The sizing adjusting is confusing.

I love that these diapers have the same quality as my FB perfect fit diapers. The sizing system is just too much work for me. Even when following the size chart, I couldn't get the right fit. It would take adjusting and then checking the fit and readjusting until I found what worked. Then baby would grow... And it would start all over. I prefer the perfect fit. 

cute but insufficient.


Pros: Nice colors.

Cons: Leaks

I love how Fuzzibunz come in nice bright colors, but for some reason they have always leaked around the thigh area. I check the size chart and still always leaks. We only use them during the day while we're at home for this reason. It's the only pocket diaper brand we have problems with.

Our Night Night Diaper


Pros: can hold an extra stuffy, comfortable fit

Cons: bulky

First, let me say that my daughter is TINY. When she wore this diaper, it looked like she had, as my husband says, " a big load " in her diaper. It didn't fit well under her clothes, but we liked the color and how comfy she looked, so we used it overnight with an extra stuffy when she was still getting a bottle.

My favorite CD


Pros: durable, cute

Cons: Expensive

My favorite CD of them all!  A little bit more expensive but they are worth the investment.  I have used them through 2 babies so far and will be able to use them through more one day!  The colors are great.  The one size fit both of my kids, 15 months apart!  I just snap at different levels. 

The only cloth diapers we've had success with!


Pros: Contains blowouts, rarely leaks, cute, comfortable, easy care

Cons: No prints, may not fit newborns

We own 24 of these diapers, and we love them. We have tried other diapers, including prefolds with covers, without success. All other CDs we tried leaked, didn't contain blowouts, and were much too bulky to fit under clothing. These diapers are fantastic! Even though they are one size, they are pretty trim. The company claims they will fit LOs from birth to potty training. I have no experience with them on a newborn, as we used the sized FuzziBunz at that point in time, but I would bet they'd work, since they are easy to adjust as your LO grows.
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