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FuzziBunz One Size Diapers


Pros: Trim, good value, cute colors

Cons: Hard to stuff, collect mineral deposits easily

I really do love these diapers.They were the first I bought, and although there are a couple problems with them, they are one of my favorites. I like them mostly because they are SO trim. They do not bulk up my little guy at all. They are as trim as a disposable and that is so important for me as I do not want my son to feel uncomfortable. They are also EXTREMELY absorbant for being so trim. They won't hold up over night, but during my sons 3 hour nap today it held up no problem. If you have hard water though you will find yourself stripping (by hand, I might add-because you have to SCRUB) these once a month or so. I don't have a problem stuffing them but my husband does because he can barely fit his hands in and the PUL is really sticky. Overall though, I would definitely recommend this product! 


Pros: Variety of colors and prints, snaps

Cons: Fit is not consistent, smells, pills

I've tried FuzziBuns on again and off again over the years. While the newer version is better than the older one (the only real difference is the shape of the tabs), I won't buy them again. They do fit larger babies better than some other brands, but the fleece on the inside is prone to pilling, they stain easily, they can be hard to stuff because they're wider, and the quality is inconsistent. Some diapers are tighter than others with the elastic, etc.


All in all, I can't recommend them, especially if you're hoping to resell after you buy them. If you are insistent on buying them, then at least buy them new and not used so you can hopefully get the best possible situation with them!


Prior to getting my first stash of Fuzzibunz all I had used on my son were Charlie Banana's. I am very new to FuzziBunz but the basic idea of them is the same as Charlie Banana with a few differences like the opening for the insert being in the back rather than the front. So far, I love them!


Pros: fit chub lub, extra snaps for toddlers, cute colors

Cons: extra snaps + skinny baby = *sniff* not for me

DH flat out refused to change prefold/wrap diapers unless absolutely necessary, and the extra paper pile just kept growing.  So I bought a few of these to try. My friend has the world's chubbiest babies, and she swore by Fuzzibunz.  



- fit chubby baby legs perfectly

- pocket is spacious for stuffing at night

- three snaps stay on for toddlers

- inexpensive

- OS system means no sizes to keep track of

- sturdy materials, hold up well over time

- can resell on the used market, even more savings from cloth diapers!



-can take awhile to change with twelve snaps to undo each time

-pocket stuffing isn't quite as easy as AIO

-my baby has skinny widdle cutie legs


In the end, DH vetoed the extra snaps.  Velcro was easier for him to use at night.  And my stash of these is in storage until I get a chub-a-lub baby.  Meanwhile, my skinny leg babies have both leaked out of this, so its a no for us.  


Pros: fits well, cute colors, absorbent

Cons: hard to change, material

These are just okay. The diapers fit my LO great and come in very cute colors. I did not have any problems with leaking but they are very difficult to change. It is a task to stuff the inserts or take them out. DH detests these diapers - too difficult for him! I was gifted these diapers - I would have never personally bought because I am NOT a fan of polyester... I used a few times to get some use and ended up swapping.


Pros: trim, colors, microfleece liner

Cons: narrow, difficult to stuff, weird fit

We have one one-size Fuzibunz and 3 sized Fuzibunz. I am not sure about the one size. It is not my go to dipe. I use it after baby has had his BM for the day and is ready to play because it is trim. It is a little narrow for my chubby baby. It is difficult to stuff although it does hold 2 liners. Dont love it, dont hate it. 


Pros: Adjustable elastic

Cons: Leaked; lining pilled

We got one FBOS as a present. I like the principle behind the adjustable elastic, but I never could get it to where it didn't leak around the legs, and the lining started pilling after only a few washes. I also didn't like how there was no flap at the edge on either end of the pocket to keep the lining from coming out. Bottom line is I just don't think these fit our girl well (maybe it was user error), and we stuck with BumGenius, but I don't think they are necessarily bad diapers. As for price, I think they are comparable to other pocket diapers.


Pros: fit newborns, no leaks, dry quickly

Cons: expensive, plastic

These diapers came highly recommended, but were nearly $40 EACH at our local baby store. OMG! Online, the price was not a whole lot better. For diapers made in China, you'd expect them to be a bit less than mom-made diapers.


I was given two of these used from a friend and I admit, they do work great, but there are other OS diapers out there for much cheaper. Also, the diapers are polyester and lined with PUL, so not breathable. No rashes here, but babies prone to rashes may have problems.


I do like that the elastic inserts are removable and you can replace them easily. They dry up quickly on the line because they are made of polyester fabric, though the inserts still take a while to dry.


Tip: use a Gerber prefold instead of the microfiber inserts and they will dry much faster.


I love the two I have, but would never buy them new. No diaper is worth the price these run IMO.


Pros: good fit

Cons: low quality materials

I was given 12 fuzzi bunz diapers as a gift. They were brand new in the package when I received them. It didn't take long before the snaps started coming off. They just rip right off with normal use. I have other pocket diapers that I've had twice as long that aren't missing any snaps. Now I have to spend the money to send them away to be repaired. These seem to be made with low quality materials. I'm glad that I didn't buy them myself.


Pros: one size, can determine your own absorbency

Cons: polyester

I tried this diaper on my newborn.  My own experience was not very positive with it.  My son had a rash when I used it.  I thought it was due to the detergent I was using.  About the same time, my oldest son got a severe burn on his chest and was told to wear white cotton shirts.  That caused me to look at the type of fabric the diapers were made out of.  I discovered that my little son could not tolerate the polyester fleece that they are made out of.  I immediately got rid of the diaper and switched to only all natural fabrics and never had any more problems with rashes at all.  I do not recommend any polyester fabric which is PLASTIC and NON breathable.  It cannot be breathable and is just not as healthy in my opinion and definitely not as comfortable.


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FuzziBunz One Size Diapers

The FuzziBunz® One-Size Diapers are the most adjustable and innovative one-size cloth diapers on the market today! Adjust the diapers to fit babies 7-35 pounds and get a snug fit every time with the button-adjusted waist and leg casings. The leg casings adjust to 8+ settings and the waist adjusts to 4+ settings. Never before has a pocket-style cloth diaper been SO adjustable!

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