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Gdiapers Everyday G's, Large, 6-Count

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #38 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: Sold in local retailers, flushable and cloth insert options

Cons: Inner liners may need to be replaced with heavy use.

Overall, I was thrilled with gDiapers.  I was new to cloth, dealing with medical issues, and wasn't ready to go "all the way" quite yet to cloth. gDiapers was a great way to ease into cloth use: I started with the biodegradable flushable liners and progressed to the cloth inserts as I became more comfortable with cloth. Did not experience issues with leaking, even with a heavy wetter. Kept him much more comfortable than disposables! Caregivers other than myself were comfortable with the flushable liner option even when they were not ok with the gCloth liners. 


Pros: flushable inserts

Cons: leak overnight

I love these and use them as my outing diapers. The flushable inserts are a life saver when out and about!! I definitely prefer to flush the yuck rather than packing and carrying with me all day... The fit is nice and the diaper is not bulky. I do not suggest using as an overnight diaper, we've had terrible luck with leaks at night.


Pros: nice fit, super cute, easy to clean, bio degradable inserts or cloth inserts

Cons: Not a good night time diaper for heavy wetters

We have been using gDiapers for 16 months. I have tried a few others and I just love this system. I am not an organized mama and some days when I let the diaper laundry go and my son is soaked I can always seem to find a cover and a plastic liner and something to stuff into it until i get the laundry going. The all in ones are a done deal. With gDiapers I can always put something together if I don't have a perfectly clean trio at my disposal.


My son also has very very sensitive skin.  gDiapers are the best for his little booty. Disposables are not even really an option for us as they cause bad rashes on him. There have been a few times where diaper cream was needed and my g's survived great. Plus the disposable option is the only one he can use.


The only thing is he pees through them at night and I have to use an AIO. But during the day he goes through his cute g's with no leaks. Its the only diaper I have found that I cannot wait to change him and put him in anew color or design. I never thought in a million years I would be exited to hear him poop so we could switch to goosey gray or glove.


Pros: Great for camping or travelling

I love gDiapers and have used them for backpacking, camping and travelling.  I like the dispoable inserts that I can throw away, flush or compost.  They also do burn in a campfire.  We double up the disposable insert for nights while camping and they are so absorbant. Very few leaks.  These are my top choice for a more eco-friendly disposable diaper. Highly recommend!

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Gdiapers Everyday G's, Large, 6-Count

On the floor. in the sandbox. little gpants for every day. three great orange and three guppy green little gpants. perfect for romping around on the floor, playing in the sandbox or any time you don’t want to use your favorite colorful little gpants. use everyday little g’s with grefills or gcloth. when you use with gcloth and you’ll find they’re far less expensive than other cloth covers. now it’s easier than ever to stock up with the everyday g’s 6-pack.

BindingHealth and Beauty
FeatureIncludes 6 snap-in liners (one per little gPant) and a Handy User's Guide (H.U.G)
List Price$79.99
Number Of Items1
Product GroupHealth and Beauty
Publication Date2010-08-17
TitleGdiapers Everyday G's, Large, 6-Count
Height4 inches
Length10 inches
Weight1.7 pounds
Width8 inches
Batteries Included0
Package Quantity1
ColorGuppy Green & Great Orange
Maximum Weight Recommendation3600
TypeDiaper Cover
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Gdiapers Everyday G's, Large, 6-Count