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gDiapers Little gPants Reviews

Positive Reviews


Pretty good diaper


Pros: Soft, Trim

Cons: Expensive, difficult to use if not familiar with them.

I love the look of these diapers.  They are so soft on the outside and cute.  I did not like the cloth inserts that you have to buy with these.  Not only were they really expensive, but they always leaked no matter what I did or how many washes I washed them.  I watched videos and did exactly what they said to do on the video.  Nothing ever seemed to work.  Maybe my daughter just had a fast pee.  I ended up just using a flat diaper folded in the inside and it worked great.  It contained the mess and the newborn poop.  I used size medium from the time she was born till she was about 4 months old.  Then we started using a prefold and a one...
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go go go gDiapers


Pros: love these for travel, easy to use

Cons: velcro gives out over time

Love the gDiaper system. I have used these on and off (interchanging with BG all in ones) and love the way they fit and look. WOnderful range of colors and patterns. Very good at keeping contents contained - especially when put on the baby the correct way around. I experienced some leaks early on with these, but then realized I was putting them on backwards - so no wonder! I love that you can use their disposable compostable ( and flushable) liners, but I also have used prefolds, or BG inserts to stuff them with. I am about to buy the next size up for my daughter, and am passing the old ones along. The only problem I have with these is the velcro which doesnt seem to last as long as I...
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LOVE my gDiapers!!!


Pros: Economical, Washable, Cute, Trim, Easy to Use

This is my favorite cloth diaper.  I have used them since birth!  I use them with pre-folds.  I have used the same pre-folds since birth so it has been very economical for me.  I have only needed to buy new covers when he outgrew the previous size.  They can also be used with flushables as well so they are versatile.  I am SOOOO happy to have found these.  My biggest regret is that I did not find them with my previous 5 kids. ;)  They are easy to wash and breathable, trim and SUPER cute.  I absolutely LOVE them and am so thankful for all the money I have saved using them!!   My little adventurous gbum! :)  

Negative Reviews


Not the best


Pros: cute colors

Cons: leak, weak velcro, liners do not last.

I used these as my first cloth diapers with my first child.  I bought 4 of the smallest size and never bought any more.  I then discovered one and two size diapers that are way more economical in my opinion. Anyway, I found that the liners leaked and the elastic in the liners did not hold up after only a few washings (I followed directions for washing too).  I was pleased to discover that I could buy more liners, but then realized that I would be buying them a lot, along with the next sizes up.  I did not use their inserts, I just used prefolds folded inside so I don't know about their inserts, but they are expensive.  It's a nice idea, having the liners snap in...
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short mom

back up stash


Pros: available at stores

Cons: velcro in back

I am not a fan of the diapers fit and design but appreciate that stores carry a cloth option. The inserts however are great. We use the inserts in our other pocket diapers and have had them for a while without odor issues. 

i gave up cloth diapering!


Cons: leaks, leaks, and more leaks, velcro, left marks on baby

i tried these with my first and wound up giving up on cloth diapers.  they leaked all the time, left deep impressions on my son, the insert never stayed in place, and back snaps were kind of a pain. 

More Reviews


Love them


Pros: Convenient, cute, easy

Cons: Expensive, leaks

We used gdiapers for our second son with the disposable inserts and had no major issues with them. He would leak occasionally but not very often. The inserts do get expensive it we thought were worth it. I can't wait to use the gdiaper system on baby #3 this time around we are going the cloth route though.

Not worth it


Pros: quick to dry

Cons: velcro in back, leaks, does not hold up

There are so many things I dislike about these I don't know where to begin.  I hate that the closure is in the back.  This is very hard to get on with a baby.  It may be good for order kids so they can't pull them off but not necessary for my 4 month old.  We have had several leaks with the g diapers.  And after only a few months of using, one of the waterproof liners got a huge hole in it after washing.  I did like that they are quick to dry but I will take an AIO or pocket diaper any day over this.  If you want a good all in two I would recommend Grovia.  

A good option


Pros: Cute, convenient

Cons: Leaks, expensive

These diapers are ok for the not-as-commited CD family.  It would be great if you didn't want to totally commit to CD because you can use the disposable liners.  They are less bulky than some CD but they also don't hold as much.  They are much easier than regular CD but they are more expensive!
Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › gDiapers Little gPants › gDiapers Little gPants Reviews