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Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Gerber Brand 6 Pack Prefold Birdseye Organic Diaper, White

Gerber Brand 6 Pack Prefold Birdseye Organic Diaper, White

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Pros: organic

Cons: low absorption capacity

I started with these prefolds and vinyl covers (!) and moved to pockets with the prefolds as inserts.  I always had to use double when I stuffed and definitely not overnight. They absorb quickly and fill up quickly.  I loved that there were organic Gerber prefold options. And they were pretty darn cheap.


I did end up buying microfiber as well as natural fiber pocket diaper inserts to use when my son got bigger. They added absorption to the standard inserts. I don't think you can full time diaper with these unless you have one hundred of them and triple stuff with wool for overnight. 


Pros: Trim, quick dry

Cons: small, not very absorbent,

These prefolds worked great in a newborn stage when baby doesn't go pee very much.  But later on it doesn't hold for long.  They are much smaller than most of the other prefolds on the market.  Because they are small, they do give a very trim fit.  So if you want a trim fit and want to change after every pee then this might work for you.  On the other hand, if you want to go two hours without a diaper change I would not recommend these.  They are inexpensive, but you'll go through twice as many in a day so in the long run they aren't cheaper. 


Pros: remake into cute burp cloths!

Cons: don't absorb, wrinkle, pill, and generally almost unusable

I bought these to use with my first covers, long story short, I added other things and sewed them into usefulness as adorable burp clothes.   Bought a few other prefolds as well, trying out different brands.  So glad I bought others too, as these did nothing, and I ended up with lots of burp cloths.  I resorted to wraps with DH's old rag-bag T-shirts folded inside while I waited for more of the other kind of prefold to arrive.  If you need super cheap diaper stuffing, buy used cotton t-shirts from goodwill and fold to fit, it'll work better, I kid you not.



-not too expensive so you won't waste too much $ 

-can be used as-is as rags

-if you can sew, and have more fabric, can be re-used for other things 



-wrinkles so that it no longer fits well in a diaper


-pills after 3 washes

-rough texture that never washes out


To make these into burp cloths:

Find a 16-in by 6-in scrap of cute fabric, and a 50-in peice of matching lace or other trim.  Wash diapers twice in hot water and dry each time (they will be wrinkles and misshapen).  Iron diapers flat.  Fold fabric to fit the center of the diaper (each one will end up a slightly different size, so plan to do this for every burp cloth you make). Iron the extra fabric under, and pin to diaper.  Align trim around the edges of the fabric.  Sew trim, fabric, around edges.  Sew a couple criss cross lines in middle of fabric/thick diaper section, or it will get bulky and misshapen again.  Voila, money no longer wasted!


Pros: Multi use

Cons: Not for nights, not cute

These are SO affordable! I used them when DS was a newborn. YouTube instructional videos for use - very easy!! Do not reccommend for use overnight after 3 months. Leaks did occur with DS when he started sleeping longer at night. Not the cutest by any means but for using on newborn to 3mos work JUST FINE under clothing. When you retire them DO NOT throw away!! Bleach them and reuse as burp cloths or dusting towels for around the house. My mother reccommended to reuse (she still has some from 20+ year ago and dusts with them).

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Gerber Brand 6 Pack Prefold Birdseye Organic Diaper, White

* Made of 100% certified organic cotton. * Birdseye weave fabric is made from many small fine yarns, woven in a fashion that provides a soft, quick drying and absorbent diaper. * Prefolded 3-ply center panel. * Washable and reuseable.Model: 409896060Dimensions: 2.00 (Length) 4.00 (Width) 6.00 (Height)

BindingBaby Product
FeatureAn eco-friendly alternative to disposable diapers because they are washable and reusable
List Price$14.99
Product GroupBaby Product
Product Type NameBABY_PRODUCT
TitleGerber Brand 6 Pack Prefold Birdseye Organic Diaper, White
Height1.5 inches
Length9 inches
Weight0.64 pounds
Width6.5 inches
Batteries Included0
Model409896060 WHT STD
Manufacturer Maximum Age28
SizeOne Size
Maximum Weight Recommendation3500
Clothing SizeOne Size
TypeFlat or Prefold Diaper
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Gerber Brand 6 Pack Prefold Birdseye Organic Diaper, White