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Gilligan & O'Malley® Womens Full Sling Long Nursing Tank


Pros: inexpensive, comfortable

Cons: runs small

I own five of these tank tops. I wear them instead of nursing bras usually. They are pretty inexpensive for nursing wear and come in a variety of colors.


Pros: Comfortable, Inexpensive

Cons: None!

I wear these under everything - love them!  I really use it instead of a nursing bra and pretty much am always in one!


Pros: Very comfortable (sleep in mine), good length for new mama tummies, decent support

Cons: Lace tops fall apart quickly

I've had 2 of these since baby was newborn, and just got 2 more b/c I was so pleased with them!  I am on the smaller-chested side, was wearing all-cotton non-nursing bras before these arrived, and immediately felt more support.  They are totally comfy at night, and great for during the day layered under another shirt.  Very easy to hook and unhook with one hand!  I love the longer length, keeps my post-partum belly covered nicely.  I have one with lace edging, I think it's pretty low-cut (it feels kind of "racey" to me, though truth be told, I'm not one for low-cut tops in general) and the lace is already worse for wear and we're only 6 months in.  The others are holding up very well.


Pros: easy, comfy

I seriously wore these tanks everyday for the first several months. I wore them under other tops and they were perfect for keeping modest to nurse, and warm. They were essential for me, and I will buy more with my future babies!! affordable, comfortable. The ones with the lacy part on top started to tear though- if its under your shirts anyway, just get the plain ones, so that its not an issue! :)



Pros: Cheap

Cons: Everything else

While this tank is very affordable, it is little more than a standard cami with shelf bra. Breastfeeding mamas need more support! I wear it over a regular nursing bra and it works okay. Maybe would be okay at night too but I haven't tried this!


Pros: Inexpensive, easy to use

Cons: Run small

I have bought at least half a dozen of these and use them all the time! The clasps hook and unhook easily, the straps are adjustable, and the shelf bra works just fine. I have a small frame and find that I need to go up a size to really feel comfortable. They are very inexpensive compared to other nursing tanks on the market, and they come in a variety of colors and have some new ones with lace on top that are a cute touch.


Pros: Very comfortable, easy to use, very supportive for larger breasts

Cons: none!

I have two of these tanks and I LOVE them!  I have layered them under my shirts for nearly two years now all throughout the cold New England Winters.  They keep me warm and provide the support I need while still being able to nurse my son.  He no longer nurses during the day, so I no longer need the snap cups, but they still work perfectly, are easy re-fasten and the material is thick enough that I feel very supported all over, not just my breasts.  They are also very warm when layered under a shirt.  I couldn't have lived without them!


Pros: Modest neckline, easy snaps, loose fit

Cons: isn't long enough, straps are fraying after 1 year of use

I've had this nursing tank for one year now. The snaps are easy to close and open with one hand. The neckline is modest and good for doubling under another shirt. Unfortunately, the straps are fraying after only one year of use. Also, the bodice could be a tad bit longer and provide more coverage on the bottom. 

Gilligan & O'Malley® Womens Full Sling Long Nursing Tank

Feature<B>Garment Detail:</B> Full Sling, Tagless, Adjustable Straps
Product GroupApparel
Product Type NameUNDERWEAR
TitleGilligan & O'Malley® Womens Full Sling Long Nursing Tank - Black
Batteries Included0
BrandGilligan & O'Malley
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