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Glamourmom Nursing Bra Full-Bust Long Top

50% Positive Reviews


Pros: Clasps; perhaps length

Cons: Price; too large in band/too small in cups

I wanted to love this, but I just don't. I think it's an issue of sizing for me -- the small full bust is too large in the band/belly and too small in the cups for me BEFORE milk comes in (I am 21 weeks right now, with #5).


If it helps, I am 5'8", 128 lbs pre-pregnancy, and would call myself a size 6. Smaller on the bottom, bigger on the top. I do get enornous breasts when I nurse, though, and find that it can be hard to fit a relatively small body/tummy with a large cup size when nursing. I ordered a small in this tank, which should fit 32-36 D-DDD, per their website.


FYI this shirt is VERY long. Some could almost wear as a mini dress, ha ha. For me, despite being pretty tall, I think it is too long, and will just add bulk around the hips that I really don't need. However, others might like the length (hence I lised it as a perhaps pro rather than a con).


Pros: Clasps are awesome - one-handed. Sling that remains does provide some breast support when the cup is open, but the openings are weird for my particular cup/nipple size and shape.


Cons: For me - FIT, length. Band is too large for me, even in small size on tightest row of hooks. In order to compensate for band being too large, I have to over-tighten the straps, and that brings the front of the bra very high-up, which makes it show under clothes (e.g., a v-neck). Cups are adequate now, but I'm not sure will be large enough with milk (that's a TBD, though). Circular openings in the sling do not really line up with what I would need, nor do they allow maximal skin-to-skin contact (which I prefer when nursing). Price -- not a deal-killer, but at $49 a pop, I would prefer to love it, not just tolerate it.


Bottom line: for me, I prefer the Bravado Essentials Tank in a 32 F/G, as it's shorter (a more desirable length for me), FAR more supportive and fits me/my body better. Personally, I think I look rather dowdy in this one, and cuter (if that can apply to someone with a 21 week belly!) in the Bravado. However, I do think they are both worth trying, as the fit and feel are very personal. Lots of websites offer both, and with free shipping/returns.


Good luck!


Pros: Comfy nursing tank, good support

Cons: None I can think of

I have three of these and wear them all the time. I wear around a 32H (UK) and am comfortable in Glamourmom's size small. (I tried the medium as well, and the small fits me better.) It is typically very hard for me to find shelf bra tanks that fit properly so I am glad to have found these. I like them more than the Bravado nursing tank, which I also have, because of two design features. First, because they have three settings of bra hooks that fasten in the back, rather than just an elastic band--easier to adjust support, and can unfasten to take on or off so the elastic band doesn't need to be stretched over enormous sensitive breasts. Second, because there are slings for the breasts when unclipped rather than just a strap to the side, which provides a little more support and coverage which I personally prefer. Others' preferences on these features may vary, of course. As for other design features, the snap-down clips are the style found on the majority of nursing tops. Some people have found they do not like the ruching between the breasts on this top, but I do not have strong feelings about this.

Glamourmom Nursing Bra Full-Bust Long Top

The Glamourmom Nursing Bra Full Bust Long Top incorporates the original, patented built-in nursing bra design with additional breast support. It has an adjustable, wide elastic chest band to support the transitioning bust size, and wide, adjustable, smooth elastic bra straps for extra support and comfort. It also has fashion shirring to add shape-enhancing style. A light mesh liner holds nursing pads in place. The new addition has a slightly fuller cut to enhance comfort and shape, and is extra long for fashion and guaranteed post-partum tummy coverage. Perfect for layering.

Feature92% Cotton / 8% Elastane. Machine Washable
Product GroupApparel
Product Type NameSHIRT
TitleGlamourmom Nursing Bra Full-Bust Long Top (White, Small)
SizeSize Small (32-36 (D-F))
Clothing SizeSize Small (32-36 (D-F))
Fabric Typecotton
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mothering › Product Reviews › Breastfeeding › Nursing Bras and Clothing › Glamourmom Nursing Bra Full-Bust Long Top