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Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank


Pros: Supportive, one handed clips, great color choices

Cons: Too short! Too low cut! Narrow straps!!

I wanted to love this tank. I've used a few with each of my nurslings, and though it was the most expensive and the one that I wanted to love, it really is the last one I reach for.  It rides up, it's too short even when it's not creeping upwards, and it's too low cut. I wish the straps were wider as well.


Pros: decent support, long, comfortable, flattering

Cons: low cut

I was so excited about this and I still wear mine all the time I just had to hand sew a little panel in the v so that my big milk boobs didnt pop out!  Its got a great length though and I have a long torso!


Pros: quality fabric and manufacturing

Cons: does not fit right, always a circle area seen

I really tried to like this, but alas, everything I ever wore this under showed the big circles that are cut out. I think I needed a bigger size also, but they only made up to XXL -  that was supposed to be in my size range,..


Pros: none

Cons: inaccurate sizing & fit, poor customer service

GlamourMom is obviously out to make you feel anything but glamorous in their inaccurately sized nursing bras.  When you attempt to exchange one for a different size, they refuse you!  DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!  There are too many other top notch companies out there to waste your time with these amateurs...


Pros: Comfortable, easy hooks

Cons: Little/no support

I love this tank for days at home chilling with my little breastfeeder. But I need a real bra for out of the house days! The fabric is nice and durable, this washes well, the latches are easy to undo, but there is no support for the girls. Maybe if you are rocking a smaller set this would work better!!


Pros: Great coverage

Cons: No padding

I love the idea of nursing tanks, because it covers your stomach and back when you are nursing in public.  But this one has no padding. If there is any leaking, you have to wear nursing pads, which you can see circle outlines through your shirt. I would much rather have a nursing shirt that has slight padding.  Then there is no chance of leaking through. 


Pros: Very easy clasps, supportive built in bra, easy to layer under shirts

Cons: Too short, too low cut

I have a few of these tanks and they work well as nursing tanks to layer under other clothing, but they do run very short in the torso.  I wish I had found the "long" version before buying the shorter "regular" ones.  I also prefer Gilligan and O'Malley (Target brand) tanks over these.  They do provide good support for bigger breasts, but I wish they were cut a bit  higher.  I always worried that I would "pop out" over the top. 

Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank

The revolutionary patent-pending design of this Glamour Mom tank combines complete post-partum tummy coverage with a built-in soft cup frame and elastic shelf for total breast support.

FeatureA light mesh liner holds nursing pads in place when opening flaps. Machine washable.
Product GroupApparel
Product Type NameSHIRT
TitleGlamourmom Nursing Bra Tank Black X-Large
Clothing SizeSmall
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Breastfeeding › Nursing Bras and Clothing › Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank