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great diaper! easy to use, clean and organic, dry faster than other AIO

A Review On: GroVia Cloth All In One - Pudge

GroVia Cloth All In One - Pudge

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Pros: easy to use, organic, adjustable, stretchy

Cons: may fit oddly at some point in baby's growth.

These were far and away my favorites, they fit her from 2 months until 21 months when we stopped wearing diapers (still fit I think though).  They are the easiest to put on -- the only ones my husband did't complain about--and they are cute and organic.   I have them in pink, grey, with owls, with flowers and "vanilla" sort of a beige.  

They dry fairly fast, we only wash and hang dry them because our dryer doesn't have a low temp option. 


Personally I think these are great, you can adjust the size, they are easy to launder and fairly compact. I only wish the snap in snapped in so that it was on top since if they poop that is the part that would then get the bulk of the poop and would be easier to clean (Grovia, if you are reading, please consider that).


ONE THING: When I was pregnant I bought all sorts of diapers and brands because I had read that not all diapers will fit every baby and since I was living overseas, I wasn't going to be able to buy them one by one after she was born to see which fit.  


Mamas, any diaper will work.  


All of my diapers fit my baby well enough, all of them hold pee well enough-- I had one blow out in the almost 2 years of diapers.  DONT THINK ABOUT WHAT DIAPERS TO BUY TOO MUCH, I REALLY, REALLY WISH I COULD HAVE ALL OF THE HOURS I SPENT DECIDING WHAT TO BUY BACK) 

When I think about it now it seems so silly; I mean people used to cloth diaper with flats and horrible rubber pants and it worked.  unless absolutely everyone hates the diaper don't worry about it...it will work. 


The worst thing that could happen is that they might leak a little bit-- not the end of the world-- there were a few months maybe 9 and 10 months where the fit of these was a bit off but they still leaked very rarely.

So read a bit and decide if you want to save money and use flats/prefolds or splurge a bit and buy some all in ones or pockets. You might get some all diapers that are little bit less nice than some others you could have bought, some may be easier to to stuff than others, etc. but it won't be a big deal-- they pretty much all work.  


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Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › GroVia Cloth All In One - Pudge › Reviews › Taqah's Review