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Wonderful simple hearty recipes

A Review On: Homesteader's Kitchen, The: Recipes from Farm to Table

Homesteader's Kitchen, The: Recipes from Farm to Table

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Monica S
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Pros: Focus on seasonal produce

Cons: None, so far

I recently made a trip to Big Sur, which for me always includes a mandatory stop at the legendary Henry Miller library. Every time I go there, I try to buy a book, as book sales is one of the few ways the organization keeps itself running. This time I settled another book, but Homesteader's kitchen caught my eye. I wrote down the name and upon return to civilization I ordered it through Amazon. The great thing is that Amazon has it new for very cheap through other vendors. I ended up paying only $5, when the original price is $20. A few days ago I received the book in the mail and I've been reading it before going to bed. I haven't yet cooked any of the recipes in the book, but made notes of the ones I want to try. 


The author of the book is a professional chef who used to work at Nepenthe (a famous restaurant in Big Sur) and the Esalen Institute. He bought some land in the area and is currently a homesteader there. The focus of the book is cooking with food you grew yourself and produce that's seasonal. A great resource for those of us who grow our own food or like to source it from farmer's markets, and need inspiration with new dishes. The recipes in this book are simple, wholesome and healthy - really can't wait to try some. 


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