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I love my Hopp

A Review On: Hoppediz Woven Wrap

Hoppediz Woven Wrap

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Disco Infiltrator
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Pros: cost-effective, sturdy, attractive, durable, can be used for a long time

Cons: wrapping can be intimidating and inconvienent

I have a green Hoppediz woven wrap and, let me tell you, I love this wrap. I've used it for DS from him being a little little baby to the age of three. I think the wrap is very attractive and when I've seen other wraps out there that I like, more often than not they turn out to be a Hopp. It's Oxaco fabric and has held up nicely for the last four years. And woven wraps in general have great resale value. On one tail there's a little pocket that I can fit my keys or drivers license/debit card into making a day out a little easier.

What I like the most about my Hopp is the price. I paid $100 for it and you can get different sizes all for the same price. I needed the longest and I didn't have to pay more.

As for wrapping in general, I've found it to be the most sturdy and comfortable way to carry a kiddo for long periods of time over all other carriers. Yeah, it's no fun being in some parking lot in the rain trying to keep your wrap from dragging on the ground while you throw it on, but what's more important, a little dirt and water or your back.

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I had a Hopp for carrying my dd, and loved it. It was sturdier and stayed put better than some other wraps I have used. To keep tails from dragging, you can stuff them into a coat pocket or your pants waist for a second while you are getting your kiddo in or out! The learning curve is well worth it when you experience the freedom of not having to lug around a stroller to 99% of the places you go, and when you realize that if you have your wrap with you, you have not just a carrier but a blanket, sunshade, nap mat, and according to my dd, a lovey!
Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Wraps › Hoppediz Woven Wrap › Reviews › Disco Infiltrator's Review