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HosaUSA Chunei Baby Carrier


Pros: Super easy to get babe on my back, extremely supportive, good for mamas with back issues

Cons: Sizing was a bit hard to get right.

I really wanted this carrier to work for us.  I am a size 20, and according to the descriptions on the website, the larger size sounded like it would work.  I could get my son into the carrier easier than any other carrier I had tried, but the belt would not buckle around my belly.  I wore it a few times without the belt and it was extremely comfortable, but I really wanted the extra support of the belt, so I ended up not using it and giving it away a few years later.  The design is absolutely perfect for mamas with back problems, as the entire body of the carrier holds the weight around your middle rather than on your shoulders or back. It seems like it is extremely comfortable for babies as well.  It just provides a "hug" around their entire torso and legs and cups their head without pushing it against your chest or back.  I would absolutely recommend this carrier to anyone who is a bit smaller than I was at the time that I bought this.

HosaUSA Chunei Baby Carrier

The Hosa USA Chunei is a comfortable and beautiful way to wear your baby. This carrier is a modern take on the Korean Podaegie. Based on the blanket style, the wearer wraps the chunei around the torso for either a front or back carry. Safety buckles are around the waist and above the chest area for added peace of mind. The styles available through Hosa USA are fun and pretty. They offer a cooler summer fabric although I have worn DS in the summer just fine with the regular cotton version. One reason that I really love the Hosa USA Chunei is it eliminated the shoulder pain I had been experiencing with other carriers that had worked just fine with DD. The Chunei evenly distributes the weight across the torso so there's no strain on the shoulders. It takes a bit to get that 'perfect' fit but ounce you do it is wonderful! From babies to toddlers (I wore 2yrold DS today) this carrier is fantastic!

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Soft Structured Carriers › HosaUSA Chunei Baby Carrier