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Hotslings Designer Baby Sling Carrier

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Pouch Slings


Pros: Easy to use; light weight; versatile

Cons: gets heavy on the shoulder; was awkward with 2nd child

I was given this carrier as a gift, my very first baby carrier. I used it the day my daughter and I left the hospital. We got home, I watched the video, put her in and was on my way. This was such an easy to use carrier. I did everything with her in it! I even used it running through the airport when she was 7 months old. Then when her brother was born I couldn't find it and when I finally did it was so awkward trying to put him in right. I use it with both of them now every once in a while in the sitting position when they want to be held around the house. This is a very excellent carrier and is very quick and easy to use. 


Oh and I am guessing on the price because it was a gift. 


I bought this when hotslings had a sale on.  I used it once when my daughter was about 5 months.  It was just not comfortable for us.  It wasn't something I could use all day walking around a museum or the like.  It seemed it would work better for an older baby (like in the picture on here).  It was just not something we would use.  In the market for something a little durable and versatile.


Pros: Tight secure material.

Cons: Became to small quickly.

I bought two of these with my first pregnancy. My son loved being kept so close to me and the way it was made the sling was almost like he was swaddled. It would also fold up small enough to fit in a quart size bag which is nice when you are traveling. My son would sleep soundly for up to 8 hours only waking to nurse. This was a life saver when I traveled overseas. And he was so nice and tight against me I never feared a stranger would hit him while moving around the busy airports. Also grab a blanket and you can nurse pretty much without anyone knowing. One flight I was on the guy next to me was shocked when he figured out that a newborn had been sitting beside him for hours. Just a wonderful carrier but then my son got a little bigger. At around 3 months I ordered a bigger size and he just could never get comfortable in this carrier again. I loved this carrier for how long it worked for me. 


Pros: Easy to use, good for up-and-down toddlers, cozy for little ones

Cons: Must be sized properly, not adjustable

I've had several pouches over the years, mostly adjustable pouches. Hotslings have a great reputation and fabulous prints, so I have also added a couple of them to my stash via FSOT boards. One of the problems (well, maybe the only one I have with them, really) is the sizing. Because they're not adjustable, you really have to figure out your specific sizing - and if it's wrong, it doesn't work well. Case in point, I bought a Hotsling in a print I loved, only to find out that what I *thought* would fit me, didn't. Thankfully, it fit my DH and was a great print for him. He has worn it with our little ones and done very well. It's so simple to use that, even when it's been a while between uses, he can still do a good job of getting it on and getting the baby situated correctly.


Pouches are easy to use and great for most ages, including the up-and-down stage of toddler-dom. The light padding in a Hotsling can make them more comfortable for older/bigger kids, too. They are well-made, quality slings that will last and last! And, of course, their prints are fabulous!


Pros: cozy for baby, quick, space-saving, cute, comfortable, easy to clean

Cons: not adjustable

I throw on my hotsling first thing in the morning and forget about it until I'm looking to free up my hands while still carrying my newborn or toddler, or both!  Then, I just pop said kid in and go about my business.  I really don't know how (or why) people carry around little ones all day and try to also get a few things done without one of these.  I also have a Moby wrap and an Ergo carrier, both of which I really like and use, but if I could only choose one, it would definitely be the hotsling, for its versatility, speed of use, comfort for both baby and mama, stashability, and ease of cleaning.  I can wear it with my twelve-pound newborn sleeping in it for a few hours straight before I need a break.  (It is key to get a sling that is big enough so that you can stretch it over your shoulder, so that it doesn't rest solely on your neck.)  I can put my two-year-old in it (similar to carrying him around on my hip, but much easier) when I'm shopping, or he has tired from our walk a couple blocks from home, and we can both enjoy our activities in comfort.  It is 97% cotton / 3% spandex, weighs little, and takes up no more room than a hand-towel.  I never have to lug those ridiculous car seats around, and I just feel bad for all the other parents out there who are carrying those awful things when baby and parent would probably both be much happier in a sling. 


In addition, slings are much cuter than other carriers.  I grab them at garage sales and second-hand stores all the time (especially now that the company is out of business due to an unfair backlash from the Infantino sling recall a couple years ago), keep an extra one in my diaper bag, one in my car, and have a couple ready in the event a blow-out claims a sling victim.  The only quasi-negative about the hotsling is that it's fitted, not adjustable, so I have to have different sized slings to fit the different people who care for my children (husband, grandma, etc.), but I have tried adjustable slings, and I prefer my fitted hotsling, because it is more comfortable, stabler, and leaner.


Both of my babies have spent the majority of their infant days in a Hotsling!

Hotslings Designer Baby Sling Carrier

So fabulous and current, it puts the usual teddy bear baby gear to shame. These designer prints are sure the be the envy of the other moms! Original Hotslings leg padding built in. 97% cotton, 3% spandex for a little give. Hotslings pouches are an innovative design that combine fashion with function. Just because you are a mom (or dad) now doesn't mean you will be stuck with bears, bunnies, blue plaid and pink gingham. Nor will you be stuck with a front pack that only is good for your baby's first few months while it pulls mercilessly on your upper back. Features & Benefits: Sleek, one-piece fitted design Fashion fabrics in today's colors and styles Easy to use! No snaps, rings, buckles or fuss Many sizes for a precise fit Wide shoulder that spreads evenly across your back Original sleek leg padding design to minimize cutting into tender knees Extremely compact. Folds down to nothing in your diaper bag or purse Promotes bonding, breastfeeding, closeness and trust Calms fussy babies with swaddling effect Hands free Live your life with a calm, close, attached, happy baby 3 to 5 carrying positions Great for newborns up until the toddler stage Easy care. Machine wash, hang dry Made in USA under fair labor conditions Sizing: Correct sizing for pouch slings is essential for the happiness of both mom/dad and baby. To measure from shoulder to hip: use a soft tape measure and start at the outer corner of your shoulder and measure diagonally across your body down to your hip bone. The number (in inches) should be in the 20s. See size chart below for measurements & best fit. We carry sizes 2 through 5 in stock, but would be happy to special order a specific size for you, just ask! Size 1: 22" Size 2: 23" Size 3: 24" Size 4: 25" Size 5: 26"

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