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Not bad for beginners

A Review On: Hotslings Reversible Baby Sling Carrier

Hotslings Reversible Baby Sling Carrier

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Pros: easy to use, reversible, pretty

Cons: not super comfortable or versatile

This was the first babycarrier I bought, and I liked it pretty well at first. It's very easy to use, packs up small so it's handy for on-the-go, and was great when DD1 was a wee little one. As she got bigger, though, it pulled on my shoulder a bit and stressed my neck and back. DD was also a wiggler, so when she was older I didn't feel that she was as secure as she could be. It might be that the fit wasn't perfect, but I've since gone on to other more involved but way more comfortable carriers. I still think this is a good option for beginner babywearers.


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