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Humanity Family Bed Co Sleeping Pad


Pros: Safety, Peace of MInd, Soft, Gives more room in the Bed.

Cons: Hard to make a bed, with it still on, too much trouble to put to away everyday.

I have been sleeping with a baby for the last 6 1/2 years. I have tried many arrangements trying to avoid paying for something so simple as a pillow. I looked at this product several times and couldn't bring myself to spend the money. About 3 years ago I finally did it knowing It would be worth it, and I'm so glad I did! It gives us the maximum amount of room in the bed while still preventing "roll offs." I can sleep knowing even when the baby wiggles and crawls they aren't going to fall off. The pad that goes underneath is good for easy washing. It is soft and made with organic material so its nice to lay even a brand new, soft little baby on. We still use ours and love it.


Pros: safe bed sharing, great for hotels to prevent roll-over falls/entrapment

Cons: Can't wash pillow in machine, bulky

Had this since 2008 and using it with second child. It's one of the few items we have kept from then.


It works fantastic to create a safe bed-sharing environment, especially in hotels or while staying with family, where beds are not set up for safe co-sleeping and falls/entrapment could occur.


It's BIG and bulky to travel with, but I was able to stuff it in a duffel bag.


The previous reviewers con about making the bed has not been an issue for us. I leave it (because I'm not huge on making beds, nobody sees our bed) or roll it up to one side. If I were worried about the aesthetics of the bed, I could roll it up and put it along the head of the bed, behind the other pillows. Voila, it's a long, decorative pillow or makes the other pillows stand up better.


It could be wider so you never end up laying on the seem (but that would make it even bulkier).


The pad is machine washable, the actual pillow is not.


It's durable and has lasted us this long!


I remember one claim on the website about not waking up in wet pee/spit/milk. I've no idea what they're on about there. It doesn't stop you from getting wet. It's not a puddle, but it still gets wet.


Works great for creating a safe bed sharing environment though!

Humanity Family Bed Co Sleeping Pad

Our patented bed-top co sleeping pad for Mom and Baby and Dad, makes bed sharing safe and easy! Patented design prevents roll-offs and allows for relaxed sleep. Large pad for Mom and baby handcrafted from soft pure organic cotton flannel fabric to absorb leaks and comfort baby. Detachable Sleeping Bean body pillow essential comfort for pregnant moms. Pad stays in place by body weight. Doctor recommended and endorsed. SAFETY: Our side bolsters offers nearly 5 feet of roll off protection for your baby. A concern parents have with bed sharing. No need for bulky pillows along the bedside, taking up valuable sleeping space, no worries about pillows falling off the bed-allowing baby to fall to the floor, or worries about pillows covering baby's face during sleep. Mama and baby can sleep safely on our bed top sleeper and the older child can sleep on the other side of mom. Our extra large sleeping pad is made of three thick, luxurious layers of 100% organic cotton flannel, giving mom and baby a super soft, super absorbent sleeping surface. Our pad absorbs milk leaked from breasts during nighttime sleep and nighttime nursing, as well as messes from baby, making sleep time more comfortable, while protecting your sheets and mattress at the same time. CONVENIENCE: Designed with extended breastfeeding in mind. By sleeping next to your baby, nighttime nursing are a breeze! No straps or buckles needed with our bed top sleeper. Easy to use. THE FAMILY BED: Sized to fit kids from birth through toddler-hood, and when your little one is ready for their own bed, the Family Bed can go with them. No rolling out of their own bed either! Great for traveling. Makes co-sleeping easy when away from home. Gives working moms extra time to reconnect with their babies.

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FeatureBy sleeping next to your baby, night time nursing is a breeze!
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