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Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets Reviews


Love the new ones just as much as the old!


Pros: It works, and works fast

I used the old formula for my first two babies and loved it.  I was really sad when they went off the market when my third child was a newborn and I hoarded every bottle I could find.   We were part of a sample give-away when they came back with the new formula.  My baby was about 9 months then and in need fo teething help!  My baby is now 2.5 and has used Hyland's through getting all of his baby teeth, and my older children use them when they have molar pains or growing pains after losing a baby tooth.   We have found that Hyland's works consistently and quickly for all the above situations.  It's pretty much all I've needed to use for easing the...
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Works Wonders


Pros: quick dissolving, Homeopathic

Cons: can't find them conveniently where I live

We were part of a free trial sample.  I was given these when DS was a newborn so I had no immediate need for them.  Now that he is 4 months and cutting 4 teeth at once, they sure have come in handy when he's with his dad or another care provider.  When he's with me, he's able to comfort nurse but I sure feel better knowing that he can get relief when he's with others.  He was moaning the other day due to teething.  We placed 2 tablets under his tongue and were amazed at how quickly they dissolved.  I don't remember exactly how long they took to take effect but it wasn't long.  DS stopped moaning went back to playing and was happy and content like...
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Hyland's Teething tablets


Pros: fast acting, easy dissolving

Cons: they get sold out quick

i love these. they dissolve so fast and help so much. my last kid started teething at 4 weeks. i gave her an amber necklace but it wasnt helping. so i bought these. i was so happy, for the first time in weeks she laid down and took a nap without me rocking her. I buy these every chance i get. I even give them to the older kids when they have problems with their molars. 

they work!

I love these! My little guy started teething at just one month old... yes, at four weeks, breastfeeding started to really hurt all of a sudden and I couldn't figure out why until I realized that he actually had a little tooth poking out of his top gums. Holy moly!! Was I surprised or what? I called my midwife and she recommended Hyland's teething tablets. I went right out to the store and bought a bottle. I was a little worried about putting a tablet into the mouth of an exclusively breast fed infant and thought perhaps he might choke, but those little suckers dissolve really quickly, so no worries there at all. They have a little something to help calm him and help him sleep and they...
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Teething Tablets work like a charm!


Pros: homeopathic, easy to use, effective, baby likes them, affordable, no risk of overdose

Cons: effects don't last as long as the recommended dosage times.

We used Hyland's teething tablets with our older girls (now 10 and 6) and I was so happy they brought them back.  I have been recommending the teething tablets to other parents for 10 years now!   Our new little guy is 7 months old and the teething tablets have been a godsend.  When I see he is have teething pains (he's drooling a lot, chewying his hands, etc.) I give him 2 tablets orally and within a few minutes he is calm and happy again.  I rarely feel the need to give him 3, I will save the bigger dosage for when he is actually cutting teeth.  The directions say to only give them to baby 4 times a day, which is not enough to really keep him pain free....
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Stock these in your teething arsenal!


Pros: Homeopathic, no worry of overdose, taste good, baby doesn't see them as medicine, help to calm baby

Cons: No instant relief- but what offers that?

My lil girl loves these! She has all her teeth but her 2year molars so we don't need them anymore but I'd say we used these from the time she was 5mo-18mos. If she was crying and inconsolable I would offer her a couple of tablets and she would stop crying so that she could pluck these tablets from my hand and eat them! I can't tell you how many times these saved me from a huge headache! They are all natural, chamomile and some other herbs. When she was teething badly I would give her some before bed and they seemed to help her sleep through the night. During the day, I gave her the bottle to play with and she loved shaking it like a rattle -this was before she could open it obviously!...
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Not much of a help for my long-term teether.


Pros: Homeopathic, no worry of overdose, no unneccessary meds

Cons: Doesn't seem to help much.

My daughter is 6 months old and has been showing signs of teething for weeks now, but no teeth have emerged yet. I've tried the teething tablets several times and they don't seem to really be helping her. I use the original formulation for my now-6yo son and they were amazing, so I don't know if it's the change or just the differences between the kids. I will keep trying and see if they help once the teeth are starting to emerge. Maybe it's just the timing that's not right on my end.

We are grateful for Hyland's teething tablets


Pros: dissolve easily,

Teething has been rough for my son. We have tried many teething products. Hylands teething tablets and teething gel have been the most reliable. The gel is great and seems to relieve his pain faster, but it can be hard to get it in his mouth if he is not feeling cooperative. So the tablets are our favorites. He is on two of his last three molars, and is in a lot of pain. He asks for his tablets when it gets to be too much. I use the gel at night when he can't get back to sleep because of mouth pain. I am so happy that these products are available, and will continue to recommend them to our friends.

16 mo old like it!


Pros: easy, natural, inexpensive, child agrees with taking

Hi, My 16 mo old son already seems to remember that the tablets make him feel better. Just last night in his crib he smiled when we saw I was about to give him 2 to help him rest while teething. Now that's an endorsement for feeling better!

At the very least, we get more sleep


Pros: actually works

Cons: not the easiest thing to get in her mouth when she is upset

When my daughter teeths, I only know because her sleep schedule gets messed up. No more naps. No more sleeping at night. Two tablets, and she will sleep soundly. Really, if that doesn't tell you these work, nothing will!
Mothering › Product Reviews › Health and Safety › Teething › Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets › Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets Reviews