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easy for little ones to take

A Review On: Hyland's Vitamin C Tablets, 125 Tablets (Pack of 4)

Hyland's Vitamin C Tablets, 125 Tablets (Pack of 4)

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Pros: melts in the mouth

These Vitamin C tablets helped my little one recover from a cold more quickly, and I am continuing to dose her with the tablets to help ward off germs this fall / winter season. She takes them each morning as I take my vitamins...and is proud to have her own. She enjoys taking them and always asks for more after she has taken hers. The fact that they melt in her mouth means that I can be certain that she has taken them, once they are in the mouth they start to melt and are difficult to spit them out. I swear by these tablets during cold and flu season to help keep her immune system in tip top shape.



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