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Ikea Potty Green

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #4 in Potty Learning


Pros: Cheap, one piece, easy to clean, good for boys and girls, large enough opening

Cons: Opening is too round

We bought this potty for doing EC with our son when he was an infant and have used it ever since.


It's quite cheap ($5), but it works! It worked really well when my son was little and we were still holding him for potties - nice large area to catch pees. However, once he was sitting on it himself (9 months or so) the opening just seemed too large. Even now, at 18 months, it seems too round, or something.


Anyway - we live about 15 minutes from Ikea Seattle so we go ALL.THE.TIME. and they have a NEW green potty! New and improved! I much prefer the new design. It's got a move oval shaped opening and the seat has rounded edges inside of the harder edges that original green potty has.


So, 3 stars from me for the original potty and 5 stars for the new one! Still $5! ;)


Pros: cheap, durable, cute

Cons: didn't know about it for DD1 and paid more for a second hand potty!

I could spend all day at IKEA, but somehow, I missed this for our first daughter.  It is the cutest, easiest, best potty chair ever.  And cheaper than buying used brand name ones to boot.




-sized perfectly for my 20mo old

-easy to clean

-fits beside the "big potty"



-no "back rest"


We paid more for our second hand potty than this little charmer.  Just buy new.


Pros: small, stable, inexpensive, easy to clean

Cons: short back isn't good for unstable sitters

This potty was 5 bucks. it is very similar to the small, one-piece baby bjorn "little potty" My daughter has been using it since she could sit up. Because the back is short, there were a few months we had to help stabilize her. I lite that it is one piece and there is nothing for her to pinch her skin on. it has little rubber bits on the bottom to keep it in place. The bowl is large enough to hold quite a bit of matter. It must be comfy because DD will sit on it for 45 min if I let her, just reading her books.

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Ikea Potty Green

Lattsam Children's Potty Green. Anti-Slip for Kid Easy Use & Safe. Anti-slip material on the underside; the potty won't slide so easily when your child is using it. Easy to clean. safe the space. Great product!as always from Ikea

BindingBaby Product
FeatureLattsam Children's Potty Green Anti-Slip Easy to clean safe the spase
TitleIkea Potty Green
ProductGroupBaby Product
Package Height5 inches
Package Length8 inches
Package Weight0.45 pounds
Package Width6.4 inches
ManufacturerMinimumAge12 months
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Potty Learning › Ikea Potty Green