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Imagine Indian Prefolds - ORGANIC


Pros: functional, organic, soft

Cons: pilly

Organic cotton is so soft and wonderful for burp cloths or as prefolds inside a wrap / cover.  I loved knowing that baby's skin was against a natural fiber.  






-not too expensive considering

-no dyes




-get pilly after a couple years



We still have ours, and love them.  Yay for soft prefolds!


Pros: Perfect sizing, soft, organic, unbleached, washes well, absorbent, no leaks, good price

Cons: Stains, smell control needed

We bought these diapers in the 'regular', which is for babies 15-30 pounds. We were using the Imagine 'smart fit' version before sizing up to these prefolds. I opted for not getting the 'smart fit' again because my baby seemed to outgrow them quicker than the I thought he would.


We used these prefolds with Thirsties Duo size two (which i don't recommend, see my review on those) and with Flip diaper covers with snaps (which I highly recommend and have reviewed, as well). These diapers are a perfect fit with both of those covers.


These diapers are just great. They wash well, they are soft and they hold up really well. We've used them exclusively for one full year (we are just now done with diapers) and they have worn very well. I'm saving them for any potential future children.


I love that they are organic - it was actually harder than I thought to find them. They are a great price, too.


They don't 'quilt' up as much as the smart fit prefolds did, but they are very absorbent. We didn't have any leaks with these.


The only complaint I had is for prefolds in general, they tend to hang on to stains and smells. I had to get some RLR and treat them for ammonia. 

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Imagine Indian Prefolds - ORGANIC

Features of Imagine ™ Indian Prefolds: -Soft, durable and extremely absorbent Indian prefolds . -Indian cotton is known in the industry to be the very best material used to make prefolds. -Made from 100% heavyweight cotton twill. -Imagine prefolds are not only stitched with high quality thread but the stitches are also reinforced. -All Imagine prefolds are put through a special process to eliminate pilling. -Allow 5-10% shrinkage when these cloth diapers are washed. -Wash and dry cloth diapers 3-4 times before using and cloth diapers will become thick and absorbent. -Diaper service quality (DSQ) (very durable - will withstand many washings and dryings). -Organic prefolds: made with certified 100% organic cotton and are a natural color. We recommend the same prepping/washing instructions above for the unbleached prefolds. *Please notice that when you receive your imagine Indian prefolds they will be stiff and very flat however after you wash them they will become very soft and quilt. The picture above is of WASHED prefolds. The more you wash and dry your prefolds the more absorbent and soft they will get!

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Imagine Indian Prefolds - ORGANIC