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Imagine One Size Bamboo AIO


Pros: Cute colors, soft interior, washes well, strong velcro, cheap

Cons: Runs small, short insert (though they have fixed that)

I bought these when Nicki's Diapers (nickisdiapers.com) first released them, so my 'con' about the insert being too short has been fixed by the company. They have lengthened their inserts to fit larger babies.


I quite liked these diapers. They are AIOs with a snap in/out insert. I really like that aspect because you can snap off the insert when you're taking the clean diapers out of the washer and ONLY dry the insert/soaker and let the shell air dry. That helps keep the waterproof layer in tact and allows for faster drying of the insert. 


These diapers run small, I think. I bought them when my son was about 7-8 months old for use in the diaper bag or for Grandparents, and he seemed to JUST fit them. The elastic is very strong and when you're just looking at the diaper they look TINY, but they do stretch. However, I cannot imagine this fitting a 2 or 3 year old (30 pounds) as the manufacturer says.


However, I do think that these would be just perfect for a baby from newborn to 6 or 7 months. They are compact and soft, easy to put on and have quality velcro. I bought three of these and although my son didn't get to use them for very long, I opted to keep them for any future babies we may have (rather than sell them). 

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Imagine One Size Bamboo AIO

The Imagine One Size Bamboo All In One Cloth Diaper is lined with 1 layer of a buttery soft, yet incredibly absorbent 70% bamboo, 30% cotton fabric with a complimenting waterproof outer. An additional 4-layer bamboo soaker pad snaps into the back of the diaper for customizable absorbency, but still allows for a quicker dry time. The gentle leg casings prevent leaks while keeping your baby comfortable. The Imagine One Size Bamboo All In One Cloth Diaper is available in 5 beautiful colors and comes in either snap or hook & loop closure. The snap closure features high quality, durable snaps and the hook & loop closure feature large folding tabs for easy laundering. To prep your Imagine One Size Bamboo All In One Cloth Diaper for it's first use, be sure to wash and dry it at least 3 times, using detergent with each wash. To use your Imagine One Size Bamboo All In One Cloth Diaper: Adjust the rise of the diaper according to baby's weight using the chart below Snap in the extra soaker for larger babies or heavy wetters Adjust the front closure to achieve desired waist size Change the entire diaper when wet or soiled Approximate Rise Settings Based on Baby's Weight: 1st row: small 8-15 pounds 2nd row: medium 15-23 pounds 3rd row: large 23-35 pounds Care Instructions Knock solids into toilet Cold rise or light wash (no detergent) Warm or hot wash (with detergent), extra rinse Tumble Dry low or line dry

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Imagine One Size Bamboo AIO