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Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pants

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #39 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: Cute prints, organic, pretty good at holding in accidents

Cons: Expensive

I bought one pair of these to try when they were on sale at Nickisdiapers.com. I got the dragon/prince print and it's darn adorable! I love that they are organic cotton. That's why I bought it. I used organic cotton prefolds, so I was happy to have this option for training pants.


I find that these trainers can hold in one accident fairly well. We don't get leaks with these much at all. 


I think that if these were even just a few dollars less that I would have been more inclined to buy a few more pairs. As it is, my son just runs around the house in the buff. wink1.gif


Pros: Comfortable, soft, cute

Cons: Not as absorbant as I'd like, not waterproof outside

We bought these for a 3-4yo for nighttime use. The packaging says all over that they aren't for nighttime use, but we haven't found anything that IS for nighttime use, so we thought we'd try it. Anyway, they're right: it's not absorptive enough for moderate accidents, and even smaller accidents tend to make the entire thing damp (so the outer cover isn't waterproof). However, they are soft and breathable and make a decent substitute to the disposie "pull-up" products. Oh, and they do take FOREVER to dry!


Pros: Organic, comfy, a little extra padding, but not bulky

Cons: Be sure to follow the weight guidelines for proper use

I bought these second hand for a great deal. These pants are great for Elimination Communication. They have just enough padding to absorb one missed pee. The extra material around the legs helps keep things contained as well. I like that the pants aren't bulky and organic material is always a plus. The weight restrictions do apply though, because my son is 25 lbs and the pants are a bit too big for him.




Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pants

ImseVimse Training Pants are functional and stylish and are made with organic cotton. Kids love the trim and comfortable fit. Organic cotton knit outside with two layers of absorbent organic cotton terry on the inside, and one inner layer of PUL. ImseVimse training pants protect clothes from getting wet when small accidents happen. Recommended for day-time use only. Not recommended for nap-time.Tips: For older children and heavy wetters, increase absorbency by adding one of our organic diaper liners. For extra protection, try adding a diaper cover, as needed.Washing Care: For best results, turn inside out, wash on warm or hot, hang dry or tumble dry on low heat. No bleach, no fabric softeners.

BindingBaby Product
FeatureA layer of leak preventing, polyester laminate is hidden between the cotton layers.
LabelImse Vimse
ManufacturerImse Vimse
Product GroupBaby Product
Product Type NameBABY_PRODUCT
PublisherImse Vimse
StudioImse Vimse
TitleImse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pants, 2-3 years, 28-37 lbs. / 13-17 kg FARM
Height0.25 inches
Length3 inches
Weight0.2 pounds
Width3 inches
BrandImse Vimse
SizeSuper Large: 2-3 years, 28-37 lbs / 13-17 kg
Clothing SizeSuper Large: 2-3 years, 28-37 lbs / 13-17 kg
Fabric TypeOrganic Cotton
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pants