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Perfect for shifting your mindset!

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I was so thrilled to read this book. While I wanted a home birth, I was so afraid that every book I would encounter on the subject would be too hippy-dippy for me... especially one that was written when it was by Ina May (from her hippy-dippy commune started in the seventies - LOL). The whole "don't judge a book by its cover" thing really applied here for me. The whole first half of the book is full of home birth stories and it really managed to shift my mindset away from the fear that had been driven into me since childhood that childbirth is painful and needs to be tended to by a doctor, that women can't do it themselves without help... after reading this I really believed that I could do it, have a home birth... right to my core. Remembering those stories during labor really helped strengthen my resolve and I was able to do it too!!


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