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Terrible carrier, not worth $1

A Review On: Infantino EuroRider Baby Carrier

Infantino EuroRider Baby Carrier

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Pros: None

Cons: Bad for baby, uncomfortable for you, made by company o' death

Bought this in 2009 and used for maybe a month.


Then, I found out about crotch-danglers, discomfort, and hip-displasia. I also found alternative ergonomic carriers which were better for baby and WAY more comfortable for me. I couldn't do ten minutes in the store with this carrier without shoulder pain.


Infantino is the maker of the infamous bag sling o death. Most of the deaths from slings came not from true slings, but bag slings that huge companies like this made and couldn't be bothered to do any research on. The thing had a seat belt in it and hung to my knees (I owned one, put baby in it once, never used it). I also had a few recalled baby toys from infantino. So I wouldn't trust them to manufacture quality or safe anything for my kids.


Buy a baby carrier from a company that cares enough to do a little research and not put babies at risk of death.

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