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I wore it through my entire pregnancy!

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Pros: a bit pricey

Cons: don't put it in the dryer, runs small

I loved this skirt! I wore it throughout my entire pregnancy and loved every minute of it. After a while, maternity jeans just weren't cutting it and I think I wore it every day of my last trimester... seriously. It was a great basic skirt and I wore it post-partum for several months as well. It worked better than the Bella bands that I bought too, because it tends to run a bit small. When I first bought it I thought that I would never be able to fit a full-term belly into the band at the top (it's made from tighter material at the top), but eventually I just rolled it down under my belly anyway. Post-partum it was almost like belly binding, so it worked great. The skirt is a bit pricey, but it was well worth it for how much I wore it... I even wore it to my pregnancy photo shoot... see below.


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