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Kawaii Baby One Size Snap Diaper

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #8 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: Good fit, good for big babies, durable, cost-effective

Cons: Can't think of any that are specific to this brand

I bought a dozen Kawaii baby one-size pockets in snaps after doing a lot of research, and I must say that all those positive reviews for this diaper are right! I bought these diapers for their larger dimensions that fit bigger babies, as well as their cost. The microfiber inserts are easy to clean and dry quickly even when line-dried. They contain blowouts much better than disposable diapers!


We used them everyday for at least an year and they held up very well. I did not put them in the dryer, but I don't think that would make much difference to their durability because they are built well. Yes, there were a few split seams and some pilling when we were done with these but that is normal wear and tear. There was no problem with the snaps though, and they lasted well. Overall, I think these were an excellent buy and I would recommend these diapers in a flash to anyone!


Pros: Leak free, Adjustable, and easy!

Cons: Velcro is a little worn

I bought the velcro Kawaii cloth diaper cover and I love them! They are very quick and easy. I have other diaper covers that don't work as well. It is completely leak free! My son even wears them to bed over a prefold diaper and when he wakes up his bed is completely dry :)


Pros: economical one size, nylon shell stays dry

Cons: non-sustainable materials

I love this diaper for night time as it soaks up the moisture, which does not allow for leakage; plus it is of great value since it is a one size diaper that can be used for years.


Pros: Durable, good for big babies/kids

Cons: If you get the velcro, it deteriorates, as velcro tends to do

I got the Kawaii OS diapers free when I placed an order on DiaperShops.com.  I wound up with two of them, and, surprisingly, I really loved them.  They're one of the cheapest OS diapers you can buy, and yet they're really effective and durable.  They're roomy diapers, too, so I think they'd be good for those late to the potty.  They're pretty trim-fitting, too, which is nice.  Good fabric, nice lining.  If you get the velcro fasteners (sorry I'm commenting on this on the snap review, but I couldn't find a velcro listing to review), it dies, as all velcro dies eventually.  The Kawaii velcro seems to be of lower quality than the BumGenius velcro; however, I think you'd be totally safe getting the snaps.


Pros: great fit, cost effective, cute prints

I purchased some Kawaii pockets used and have loved them.  They have fit my daughter well from the time she was 2 months and 12lbs.  I prefer to use Bum Genius inserts in them. It is a bit extra work to stuff them but they have a nice size opening to work with.  They dry much faster than an AIO or fitted. I would say Bum Genius has a bit better construction but there is a huge price gap between the two.  I just placed an order for 12 more from theluvyourbaby.com (trying velcro for daycare) and with discounts they came out to about $5 a piece - you can't beat that!!


Pros: They work! Clean easily, nice fit

Cons: takes time to stuff, can't use diaper cream

I always swore by prefolds and wool covers.  I used them with both of my girls after a disasterous attempt at making my own pocket diapers.  The leaked like crazy.  It wasn't until I was pregnant with my third child that I tried commercially available pocket diapers.  I was bored with my stash and needed to spice up the rotation so that I could get excited about cding a third baby.  I came across the Kawaii baby diapers at www.theluvyourbaby.com and couldn't resist trying them because the price was right ($128 for 20 diapers, 40 inserts, shipping included).  These work really well.  I had my newborn in them at two weeks old and he'll probably be in them until potty learning.  These are durable and actually come clean.  I have only had one incident of detergent build up (that was my fault for not cleaning the trap in my machine).  The only downside is that I could not use diaper cream while using the diapers or risk staining them.  The diaper cream polymerizes with the microfleece and never washes out.  I think that these are a great option for those who are daunted by the price tag of cloth diapering or who need them for daycare providers/grandparents who don't want to bother with learning prefold techniques. I recommend them!

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Kawaii Baby One Size Snap Diaper

PUL/microfleece pocket diaper.

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