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Kawaii Green Baby One-Size Bamboo Pocket - Blue Label

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #73 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: highly absorbent, soft, durable, no leaks, fits newborns, beautiful colors, low price, 2 inserts

Cons: bulky on newborns, inserts take a long time to line-dry

I normally don't buy anything made in China, but had to go against my rule or cloth diapers. After months of trying, I was unable to get any affordable ones used online and finally caved to buying new made-in-China diapers online since they were so much cheaper than used pocket diapers of any other brand. Unless it's mom-made, the others are all made in China anyway, even those commonly believed to be made in Canada. (They're not.)


I am SO SO glad that I did get them. I searched reviews on all of the cheap brands and read so many good things about the Kawaii Baby bamboo diapers that I decided to try them. You can get them for around $11 on their website, but if you look for closeout sales on Ebay, you can get them as low as $7 apiece like I did. And the shipping was free!


These diapers are incredible. The reviews did not lie. They are sooooooo soft inside and out. Each diaper comes with not one but TWO bamboo inserts so you can double them up at night if you want to. The inserts are incredibly absorbent. I have been using them for three weeks now and haven't had a single leak. They don't wick moisture at all.


The diapers seem very durable and well-made, not cheap at all. I line-dry mine and then fluff them in the dryer on medium/low for a couple of minutes. I haven't had any problems yet. The snaps still all work fine and are easy to undo and snap.


I was amazed that they fit my skinny little 6.5 lb newborn. No leaks! I admit, they are a bit bulky on a tiny baby, but no more than other OS pocket diapers and as long as they don't leak, who cares? NB size onesies fit over them just fine and it doesn't affect the car seat.


The minky is lined with PUL on the inside, just like Fuzzi Bunz diapers, only the part that touches baby is bamboo velour, not polyester like other pocket diapers. They breathe nicely. No diaper rashes here!


Kawaii Baby diapers come in a whole rainbow of colors including black, white and gray. I bought light blue, olive green and cream for my little boy and love the colors, especially the blue. Though the listing on Ebay said that I could choose one color, they did not hesitate to send me the three colors I requested. So nice! I received my diapers in about two or three days. Shipping was fast.


So far, I could not be more happy with these diapers. I highly recommend them!

Kawaii Green Baby One-Size Bamboo Pocket - Blue Label

Orange Indigo Burgundy Olive Drab Green Grass Ocean Blue Let me know what color you would like.

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Kawaii Green Baby One-Size Bamboo Pocket - Blue Label