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Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Fitted Diaper

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #59 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: cute prints

Cons: disgusting to change

I really wanted to like these.  They look like they work great and DH was open to trying it.  Sadly, they are just waaaaay too much work compared to prefolds.



-ADORABLE prints

-one size

-no bleach

-not too spendy

-did I say CUTE



-Disgusting to change

-DH dislikes

-more expensive than prefolds (which work better)


DH and I did this for one day. Just the one. No brand of these allowed me to change the  diaper without having to wash my hands before putting her pants back on.  It was disgusting.  I am all for cloth diapers but this is the worst design!


Pros: soft, cute and absorbent

Cons: none

I was surprised when this diaper wasn't immediately listed as one of the top fitted diapers.  You guys are missing out.  smile.gif


This diaper is very cute but more importantly, it is soft against baby's skin.  I was very disappointed with the flip diaper inserts, so I bought this fitted diaper instead and it is so much better.  It gets more absorbent as you wash it.  It washes well and still looks brand new even after five months of use.  I use this fitted diaper with Marvels one size diaper cover in chocolate brown.  Very fashionable but also works great!!!

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Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Fitted Diaper

Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Fitted DiapersNew Marvels truly deserve their name! Quite possibly that these one-size fitted cloth diapers are the highest quality diapers on the planet. Some of their wonderful features are O

BindingBaby Product
FeatureFabulous designer print 100% cotton outer and a super soft velour inner fabric
List Price$24.95
Product GroupBaby Product
Product Type NameBABY_PRODUCT
TitleKissaluvs Marvels One Size Fitted Diaper, Two Hoots
Release Date2009-11-27
ColorTwo Hoots
ModelMarvel - Two Hoots
Manufacturer Maximum Age48
Maximum Weight Recommendation4000
TypeFitted Diaper
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Fitted Diaper