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Kozy Carrier


Pros: Super supportive, stunning, well made

I did not have this specific print but I did purchase a Kozy Carrier.  I must say it is the most amazing mei tai or SSC that I have tried.  In fact, I prefer it over a SSC!  It's very supportive, well made, and has some of the most gorgeous fabrics available.    I love the pocket that can be added to the front - very non descript (unless you want it to "pop").  If I "had" to come up with a negative it would be that this is made of good weight canvas so it's a little stiff at first but with use (especially a wash with dryer balls...) it'll soften up quickly and it a bit bulky when folded up.  That being said, I found my SSC to be stiffer and bulkier.  It allows for numerous positions and overall, is a great buy!


Pros: Comfortable, works for a wide range of ages

Cons: May be overlarge for some babies, early on

I tested my first Kozy sometime in 2003 (the date is a guess) or possibly early 2004. It was something of a revelation for me, the whole concept of mei tais, and one of the first children I wore in it weighed 55 pounds and was 6 years old...and we were both comfortable. I'd been wearing babies and trying new slings and carriers since 1993, and ten years in, this completely changed everything I knew about babywearing.


My first tester, I reluctantly loaned to my cousin in the spring of 2004, reluctantly because I knew we would be trying to get pregnant soon, and I desperately wanted to have it for my own daughter. 


I never got that carrier back. My cousin loved it so much, and her son got so attached to it, that she bought me a new carrier, and Kelley sent me a silk as a gift before my second daughter was born in 2005. My black velvet and blue brocade silk Kozy was one of the first carriers my daughter was carried in, at 2 days old, when we went to a midwifery conference, and it will be one of the first carriers I wear my son in this winter, when he is born in late December. Kozies can run the gamut from casual to drop dead gorgeous, and I've never met one that wasn't comfortable.


Now, once my daughter developed opinions, she liked having her legs out, and had very, very short little legs, and we used other things for a while with a narrower seat base, but I know in a pinch, even with her at 43 pounds and six years old, I can always go back to my Kozy if I am allowed to carry her at all. 


I've had at least 150 carriers go through my hands, and I loan/gift many, many carriers. I've loaned my canvas Kozy once or twice but always gotten it back. The silk? That one may get handed down to my kids. They are that durable, and that comfortable. Though I may keep it, for wearing my grandbabies one day. I've had other carriers I liked better for one stage or another, but even with all the innovations and designs that people have come up with since 2003 for other brands, Kozy hasn't changed a lot, because it didn't have to. 


I never worry about construction or worksmanship on these... they're capable of supporting the full weight of an adult (and though it looks silly, I've seen more than one adult worn in one of these.)


Pros: Versatility and Durability

  I've tried the Moby wrap, Ultimate Baby Carrier, as well as pouch slings and Baby Bjorn.  My Kozy carrier has been my favorite overall carrier after 4 kids.  I find myself reaching for it the most.  The Moby is so much fabric that it can make me hot, and tends to take up my entire diaper bag.  The Bjorn had buckles that I found cumbersome.  I LOVE that once my baby falls asleep in the Kozy, I can just untie it and gently lay baby down without waking him up!  The construction of it is excellent, and holds up beautifully wash after wash (and baby after baby).  But I don't find myself having to wash it much since the fabric I chose hides spit up and other undesirables very well.  Oh, and that's another thing:  so many great patterns to choose from.  I really like the variety of one-of-a-kind fabrics that Kozy offers.




Pros: easy to use, durable, adjustable

Cons: on mine the straps are a little shorther than I would like.

I bought my Kozy Carrier used at a consignment sale. I have used with with my baby from when he was about 2 months old. I would roll the bottom of the carrier up twice so that he would fit in it properly. I love that this carrier fits small babies up to toddlers. It is quick and easy to get this carrier on front or back. I also like that it is very adjustable to your body. You simply tie the straps how you want them and done! The only drawback to this carrier that I've found is the straps on mine aren't quite long enough for me to tie in back when I wear my baby on the front. I would recommend this carrier to my friends.




Pros: Comfortable for myself and baby, easy to use, durable, wide variety of designs

I absolutely LOVE my Kozy mei tei! It's very comfortable for myself and baby, there are several different ways to wear it and it's easy to put on with a little practice. (It comes with a booklet of instructions for some different carries and there are many more on their website.) There are lots of fabrics to choose from as well as a few different colors for the straps. You can even add a pocket, which I've used for a pacifier, burp rags, my phone, etc...it's actually quite roomy. This is a very durable carrier, and very versatile! I carried my son in it as early as 5 weeks old, and he still loves it at 7 months! My husband even carries him in it. If you get a girly fabric for a baby girl and hubby doesn't want to wear pink and purple, it can be easily flipped around and worn inside out. It is possible to breastfeed baby in this. I've tried it, but my son is just too interested in looking all around so it didn't work with him, but I know a few other moms that breastfeed in it often, and they've said that it's easy. (I've seen photos of them feeding in it and you can't even tell!)


Bottom line...buy the Kozy Carrier! :)


Pros: use from birth to toddlerhood. comfortable. front and back use.

Cons: learning curve

I love my kozy carrier.  I purchased it for my first child, who is now 8.  I've most recently used it for my littlest child, who is a few days shy of her 1st birthday.  8 years of frequent use and it still looks great!  I was able to babywear in this from birth by rolling the bottom up slightly, and used it a ton when my son was a toddler, even up to 4 years old I could comfortably carry him on my back in my kozy.  I also run a daycare and have used my kozy for wearing infants in my care over the least 6 years I've been open.  It fits very well in my diaper bag.  


I'm a a plus sized mama and the straps on my kozy were made a bit longer for me as well, which has worked out great for me.  I was even able to back-carry my daycare littles while pregnant!  


There is a bit of a learning curve with the kozy, as with any baby carrier that is a wrap or needs to be tied on.  I didn't find it too tough to figure out, and I just needed a little practice to be a pro. 


Pros: Supportive, comfortable, fits everyone, easy to use

I have nothing but awesome things to say about the kozy carrier.  You can use it with your newborn or toddler! The kozy carrier is extremely easy to use. You just tie it on and go! Very supportive. You will always know your child is secure.  Kozy carrier offers XL straps to ensure that everyone can use a kozy.  I have worn the kozy for hours at a time and always felt comfortable. You'll never be disappointed with a kozy. :)


Pros: comfort, versatility, durability

We *love* our Kozy Carrier. The padded straps are super comfortable even with a toddler, and I have loved the versatility of tie straps versus clips/snaps, as some other carriers offer.  When dd was tiny, I felt the tying straps offered the perfect fit for the ultimate cuddle factor.  Now that she's a toddler and I'm expecting, I can tie the straps above my belly.  This has been our favorite carrier for long walks and outings since we purchased it- the comfort can't be beat.  I also have really appreciated both the front pocket and the pocket at the end of the strap.  They provide enough room for the essentials for a walk or short outing, leaving my hands free. Unlike other mei tais, the Kozy has a rounded extra flap of fabric that lies behind the baby's head, providing support for a sleepy head or a newborn.  Also, for younger babes, the bottom fabric can be rolled to make the carrier's body shorter and still allow a view of the outside world (and it's still comfortable for the wearer).  As an added bonus, the Kozy Carrier website has great instructional photos for wearing your baby.

The closest to a con I have for this carrier is that there is a learning curve to tying it for those less experienced with carriers (i.e., my husband), but he loved wearing dd in the Kozy and has tied it by himself plenty of times. The Kozy is by no means harder to tie than any other mei tai- this is more able mei tais in general.

Overall, what sets the Kozy apart from other mei tais is the padded, super-comfortable straps, the available pockets, and the extra fabric that provides head support.  We have loved ours.


Pros: Durable and Comfortable

I have used this with my son who is only 18 days old.  I used it the 1st week.  I can even use this with my 4 year old. 

Kozy Carrier

Designed and owned by a work at home mom, the Kozy Carrier is a modern version of the Asian Mei Tai, otherwise known as an Asian Baby Carrier (ABC). With wide padded shoulder straps, a padded curved head support, and sturdy durable fabrics, the Kozy was designed for the comfort of not only you but your child as well. And with its generous sized body, it not only supports your child throughout their legs, bum and back, but it is made to grow with your child. It can be used from birth through toddlerhood and beyond . . . making the Kozy a GREAT value. With the Kozy you can wear your little one on your back, on your front facing in or out, or even on your hip. You can even breastfeed your little one in the Kozy in the front facing in position. And because of its versatility, the Kozy can be worn comfortably when pregnant. The design itself is amazingly simple. It's a rectangle of fabric with 4 fabric straps. You just tie it on. The short straps tie around your waist. The long (65") padded straps go over your shoulders or cross on your chest and then tie in the back or wrap around to tie in front. There are no buckles or gadgets to fool with.

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