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Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor - Fahrenheit

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Fertility Monitors


Pros: easy to use, accurate, no sticks to buy, does the work for you, can use for contraception or conception

Cons: a little costly at first, user diligence

I received my Lady-Comp as a wedding gift and have used it for both contraception and conception.  Even with my some-what irregular cycles it has been completely safe for me. 

The Lady-Comp encompasses the values of NFP, but does all the work for you.  The alarm wakes you up and reminds you to take your temperature then calculates and stores all of your data.  You get a green light on days you're infertile, a red light on days of high fertility, and a yellow on days that there may be a slight chance of getting pregnant.  With its hi-tech internal computer it literally learns your cycle and can predict your fertility a few days in advance (so you can skip a day here or there). 

I bought another as a wedding gift for my cousin and while it seems a little costly up front, with no sticks to keep buying it pays for itself in a matter of months and has a lifespan of 10 years or more.

Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor - Fahrenheit

Trying to get pregnant? Can't take the pill? LadyComp is the best tool for supporting Natural Family Planning and the Fertility Awareness Method. Developed and manufactured in Germany, Lady-Comp has enjoyed tremendous confidence among women and their physicians as Europe's most trusted and recommended fertility monitor. A computer programmed with data from 700,000 cycles, the Lady-Comp sensor captures Basal Body Temperature and then analyzes, learns, and predicts the user's cycle with a 99.3% accuracy rate. With consistent compliance, the device indicates infertile days and provides insight into the fertile window of opportunity before, during, and after ovulation, and retains user data for each day of the previous nine months. No other fertility monitor has the capability to so easily and precisely support natural family planning and the Natural Fertility Awareness method. Now available in the U.S. Lady-Comp is shipped INSURED PRIORITY MAIL FOR ALL CUSTOMERS.

BindingHealth and Beauty
FeatureEasy analysis of the cycle with data capture and result print-out
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ManufacturerVE Valley Electronics
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TitleLady-Comp Fertility Monitor - Fahrenheit
BrandVE Valley-Electronics GmbH Germany
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Maternity and Beyond › Family Planning › Fertility Monitors › Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor - Fahrenheit