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Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-pack Reviews

Positive Reviews


Favorite disposables-great to put in the diaper bag


Pros: thin, big, very absorbent

Cons: Sticker doesn't stick to bra like it's supposed to

I really liked these and always had some in my diaper bag.  They are very thin so even in a night bra they don't really show.  They're really big too.  The only downside is that the sticker thing doesn't stick to your bra-I wish they'd just leave that off because it's annoying to leave on and annoying to peel off.  They do get thicker as they become saturated with milk but I never ever had a leak on to my bra using these (and I have oversupply issues so they got pretty darn soaked at times).  I like cloth ones for long term but these were my go to in the early days and will be for my 3rd child. I love that they come in separate packages-one in each package. ...
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Favorite Nursing pads


Pros: discreet, no leaks

I nursed all 3 of my children and Lansinoh was always my favorite breast pad. I tried several brands as well as cloth pads. They are not noticeable when wearing them and almost never had leaks (if you don't count the first time your baby sleeps thru the night lol).  I trust Lansinoh so much, their breast pads are always in my baby shower gifts!

Best in disposables


Pros: absorbant

Cons: adhesive doesn't work

These suckers hold a lot of milk!  I accidentally put them through the wash and whoa - it can get huge.   I tried them and these are the best there are in disposable breast pads.  While my tree-hugging side and sensitive skin loved organic washables best, I was the most confident when wearing these. I would wear them at work or in a fancy outfit.  I found that I would just have to position them inside the bra, the adhesive never really worked for me.

Negative Reviews


Best disposables


Pros: shape/formed

Cons: well they're disposable...

The shape is essential, I used to have the tape the perfectly round pads into a cone anyway. 

Did Not Care for: Gave them Away


Pros: none

Cons: not comfy; weird shape

These pads felt like plastic! They were uncomfortable and also showed under my t-shirts. I gave them away after having the same box through 2 babies and never using them!

Gave these away!


Pros: Absorbant

Cons: Feels gross on skin, creates garbage

These nursing pads feel gross on the skin. They also make a very strange cone shape under bras. I ended up giving these away to a friend who leaked a lot more than me. She found the useful since they are, I guess, more absorbant than the basic cloth ones.  Go resuable!

More Reviews


They work, but are not so comfortable


Pros: They don't leak

Cons: Not so comfortable, not so discreet

I've used these with all my kids. At some point they changed the style and made them smaller. I liked the older version better. I use them because they don't leak at all. I would really prefer cloth, but every cloth pad I've tried (including wool) leaks for me, and not leaking is the reason I use the nursing pads. I don't wear them constantly, or they will irritate me. I mainly use them for the other side when I am nursing, or when I am out and need to avoid embarrassing leaking.



Pros: Very thin, protects clothing

Cons: uncomfortable, disposable

I had this pack of disposable breast pads for times at work where I HAD to have reliable, invisible protection. The plastic backing and the thin, thin profile of these pads did the trick. However, the plastic really doesn't allow your skin to breathe, so it gets very uncomfortable and itchy. Plus, if you hug someone or are carrying a baby, they crinkle! All-cloth, reusable breast pads are the way to go; but I'd recommend these for times where, say, you're giving a presentation at work and really canNOT use the thicker, cloth pads that might still leak under your clothing.
Mothering › Product Reviews › Breastfeeding › Breast Care › Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-pack › Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-pack Reviews