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wonderful for sore nipples

A Review On: Lansinoh Ultra Soft Disposable Nursing Pads 36 ea

Lansinoh Ultra Soft Disposable Nursing Pads 36 ea

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briannas auntie
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Pros: very sort, absorbent, controured, inexpensive

Cons: none

I bought these on the advice of my gyno, who suggested that I use soft nursing pads to cover my nipples, that were getting very sore due to pumping.  Because I am on Domperidone for gastric motility, it has caused me to produce breastmilk and pumping this milk out has made my nipples very sore.  These Lansinoh pads are super soft and have elastics on the sides, so they conform to your breasts and stay in your bra better.  They also allow you to apply nipple cream to the pad and apply the pad directly to your breast, which is convenient. 

Even though they are disposable, they don't fall apart, nor do they leave any gross gel on your skin.  Plus, they are inexpensive, so someone on a limited budget can afford them.  Overall, they are a wonderful product!


When I was breastfeeding, I found these pads to be really helpful too. Some of the cloth reusable pads actually irritated my already sore nipples!
I had the same problem with some reuseable nursing pads, especially the ones with really scratchy flannel on them. The disposable ones have been much more comfortable for me.