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A Review On: Lunapads Starter Kit (Mixed)

Lunapads Starter Kit (Mixed)

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Pros: environmentally friendly, fun colors and patterns, absorbent

Cons: bulky with liners in. a little expensive to buy

July 28, 2011

Lunapad review            By Amy McCarty

First things first, let me tell you how much I LOVE cloth menstrual pads. I made the switch after our family started using cloth diapers and I came across them online. I thought “hum, odd I wonder what this is all about?” So I looked more into it. I discovered nothing bad and only good from everyone I asked. So I thought I would pick some up myself. Then I found they are a little expensive, so I had some handmade for me. BUT if you do the math, even one pad being $10 will save you money because you reuse them forever (or a very long time). That is how I started my stash. I now have a variety of cloth pads.

I recently won the Lunapad challenge and won the starter kit. It came with 2 Mini Pads with 2 Mini Basic Liners and 2 Mini Wing Liners 2 Maxi Pads with 2 Maxi Basic Liners and 2 Maxi Wing Liners. It’s a great little kit for starters just checking how cloth pads work out for them.


  • Being cloth and reusable one HAS to mention the best thing about cloth pads, environmentally friendly, not to mention less expensive!
  • I love the fun colors and patterns these pads have to offer.
  • I really liked that they have the PUL inside as to no leak. There were no leaking issues at all!
  • They are thinner and more compact than other brands of cloth pads.
  • They were pretty absorbent.



  • The ric rac thingy to hold the liners on I found annoying. I understand that it’s there so one can change the liners out and just use one pad all day. I found that I couldn’t use it mostly because the pads would bunch up really bad. Also I found that the ric rac got blood on it also then I needed to change the pads anyways.
  • I did not like the winged liners. I really didn’t understand them because the wings had no way of clipping under the pad. The wings then just sat against my legs and I found it uncomfortable.


Conclusion: I highly recommend all women to at least try cloth pads out. As for what brand you like best? I think it’s different for each woman. I have a variety and find Lunapad’s weren’t one of my favorites. There is some things about them I would change that I found not so useful. The ric rac thingy to hold the liners on was very annoying for me. I did not like the idea of switching out the liners at all as this just seemed to cause them to bunch up all the time. I do recommend giving them a try though and seeing what you think J It really all depends on what you’re looking for.




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