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Lunapads Starter Kit

A Review On: Lunapads Starter Kit (Mixed)

Lunapads Starter Kit (Mixed)

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Pros: Reusable, Economical, Green, Easy, Well Made

Cons: Rick Rack gets dirty, wings of liner don't have a way to stay put

Having received a Lunapads starter kit to try, I was very excited and was not disappointed! Lunapads are very well constructed,  easy to use, economical and most importantly, work very well. Lunapads construction has proven to be excellent and lasts through soaking and washing perfectly (especially in conjunction with specially formulated Rock'N Green laundry soap). While they have been subject to a few stains, particularly the lighter colored liners and rick rack, it hasn't been a problem for the most part with soaking taking care of most of it before it sets in. Overall, the rick rack design performs well for keeping the liners in place with very little bunching. I'd like to see a snap or some way to keep the wings of the winged liners in place. As a fairly petite gal, I find the mini pads and liners more than sufficient in nearly all cases, but the longer overnight pads should satisfy any woman's concerns about leakage (never experienced any). Lunapads are an excellent choice for anyone out there who is curious and looking for a well made product. 4.8/5 for ease of use, thrift, materials, sewing and design. An excellent product overall.

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Three years later and I not only still love my Lunapads but have also chosen to cloth diaper! Lunapads were one of the reasons I chose to go this route with my little one and I'm extremely pleased with both. :)