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Lusa Baby Wipe Juice


Pros: Smells heavenly and is nice on my sensitive skin

Cons: I keep forgetting to make wipe juice because I keep it in my bathroom to use in my bath

Baby Wipe Juice is bath juice in my house.  Some people use bubble bath.  Some people use bath oils.  I use Baby Wipe Juice.  Super comfortable for my sensitive skin and gives my bath water a "milky" look.  


Pros: Wonderful scent, mutli-purpose, trusted product

Cons: None

I LOVE LuSa Baby Wipe Juice. It works wonderfully with cloth wipes/little wash cloths to clean our daughter's bum. I mix the juice with water as per the instructions and then place it in a glass spray bottle. We have one for the house and one for the diaper bag.


I also love that it is multifunctional and serves many uses besides cleaning bottoms. Our daughter is a little roly poly and has cracks and crevices all over her body that are challenging to get to. I also use the juice to clean her little neck so she doesn't need a full on bath every day.


The scent is just heavenly! Occasionally I pour a little into our bathwater. Yum!


Pros: works, natural, smells nice

Cons: many essential oils work just as well

I liked the idea of cloth wipes, and this seemed like a good buy.  I'd give it less stars but it does the job.  Nice but a waste.




-wipes smell nice

-all natural

-easy to use




-lots of other things work just as well

-only has one use


Its nice to get started with.  Now I just mix a couple drops of lavendar, or tea tree, or orange, or jasmine, or rose joboa oil in there.  And all those bottles of essential oil? I can use them for things besides baby's bum!


Pros: great smell, easy to use and is made in the USA!!

I started using store bought wipes with our baby, but when I decided to switch to cloth wipes I knew that this was the product to use with them!!

Lusa Baby Wipe Juice is natural, smells great, and easy to use. Not only do I use it to wipe her bottom but it is a great product to use to wipe a runny nose or sticky hands! I put a few drops in a bottle with water, shake it up and pour it on my wipes that I store in a wipe container!002.JPG



Pair this with Lusa Booty Balm and it's a cute gift for new moms and their baby!!


Pros: Long lasting, smells great, and easy to travel with

Cons: None so far

This stuff is so awesome! It is so much easier than carrying around and wasting traditional baby wipes. I mix the LuSa Organics Baby Wipe Juice with water when I get it and then store it and use it as necessary. If I am going out with baby, I just put some in a little squirt bottle and use it on the go. I use it with paper towel or washable clothes. One of these containers lasts up to 6 months with daily use. Great product and I got it on Amazon with FREE shipping!


Pros: natural organic ingredients, smells fantastic, soothes bottom, safe for cloth diapers, stays fresh, last a long time

Cons: doesn't come in adult size so I can bathe in it! LOL


This is the BEST wipe solution I have found. I have tested many brands of wipe solution and have found the Baby Wipe Juice to be the best in all categories. Its gentle on the skin with the organic all natural ingredients and leaves a very soothing gentle glisten on the bottom after use. The oils help remove any residue during diaper changes and clean up any mess. The bottle lasts a long time and can be poured over cloth wipes in a wipe warmer. The smell is like a relaxing spa. My favorite part of the Wipe juice is that after 1 week in a wipe warmer it does not start to smell funky. All other solutions I have tested start to smell like mold after several days. 
I highly recommend Baby Wipe juice! We LOVE this stuff! joy.gif


Pros: Soft smell, easy to use

Cons: None so far

I was looking for something new since I was nearly out of HoneyChunks, and I'd never been especially pleased with them (since I tended to use them in a spray bottle, and the chunks were always getting suctioned onto the bottom of the tube). Since I've tried to many LuSa products and loved them, I decided I'd try the Wipe Juice. I've been using it for every change the last couple of days I absolutely adore it. It has a very mild scent, and I love how long it's going to last (it's super concentrated!) and that it's totally nontoxic. I feel good about putting this on my little man's hiney.



Lusa Baby Wipe Juice

Lusa Baby Wipe Juice Ingredients: Witch hazel distillate, *olive oil, *avocado oil, *aloe vera juice, *calendula flowers, *lavender flowers, polysorbate-20 (an olive oil and sugar based emulsifier), *chamomile flowers, essential oil blend (lavender, patchouli, peru balsam, and chamomile), tocopherol (vitamin e); grapefruit seed extract, citric acid, and silver citrate (natural preservatives). *certified organic ingredient Size: 8 fl. oz. Directions: Shake well before use. Combine 1-3 tsp. Baby Wipe Juice with 1 cup water. Pour over cloth wipes or paper towels. Store in a sterilized plastic tub. For travel, toss a few wipes in a zip bag and go! Launder cloth wipes with your diapers. Please note: Separation in bottle is normal. Shake well before each use.

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