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LuSa Organics Calendula Baby Soap


Pros: Gentle and mild. Long lasting

Cons: none

I have been using this soap for several years and I don't even have a baby. I have sensitive skin and this soap has been great for me. It is so gentle and mild. It doesn't dry my skin but leaves it soft and clean. I even use it on my face. This is the only soap my 9 year old uses as well. In fact I love this soap so much I bought it for my two newest granddaughters and although they cannot speak I am sure they love it too.


Pros: It smells like heaven and it is the only soap that I can use on my daughter's sensitive skin.

Cons: Hummm....I only have 4 more bars in my cabinet?

While I originally purchased this soap to treat my daughter's skin allergy, we all loved it SO much that it is the only soap we all use. I even use it on my face 2x daily. It cleans, moisturizes, and it doesn't make even the most sensitive skin break out.  My daughter's eczema, which was terrible, simply disappeared in two weeks following the purchase of our first bar.  The smell is out of this world!!!  Last, this is a family company and they stand behind their totally natural products.  What a rare and wonderful thing!  You can feel the love that went into each product.  Perfect.  


Pros: gentle, can trust the ingredients and the company, smell and feel dreamy

Cons: there are none

We fell in the love the moment we used our first bar.  Then we had babies and started using all the baby products and as a mama I fell even more in love with LuSa.  They are products you can trust and feel so good using.  I have loved the calendula soap for my wee ones and for everyone else.  It is the magic soap!

Once you switch to LuSa there is no going back.


Pros: *NATURAL! You can read/understand every ingredient!

This is the only soap we use in our house! After trying many other "healthy" soaps, this is the only one that we could use with my sons eczema. Within 3 mths his eczema had completely cleared! We have been using it at every sink and shower/bath in the house for 5 years now!  It is also the only soap that does NOT dry my kids hands in the winter. I have even contemplated sending them some to school so they don't get hurt cracked hands at all. We give it as a gift to every expecting momma we know! We don't want to see any other family struggle, like we did, with finding healthy and safe care products! (we use many of their other items also!)


Pros: Organic, great scents, work great

LuSa makes the greatest products ever and their soaps are just one of our many favs. We have been looking for more natural safe products and we found a winner. Our 22 month old son finally had a bath without screaming and splotchy skin. We will never buy another companies soap/wash again. They also make other scents for grown ups which are really nice for parents/older kiddos.


Pros: Gentle, Moisturizing

I love this soap.  I initially purchased this soap for my newborn and fell in love with it.  When my 3 year old recently came down with poison ivy. head to toe, I reached for this soap, without hesitation.  It did not seem to bother his rash one bit.  The other soaps caused him pain when I washed him. I have also used this soap on my own face, from time to time.  It is gentle enough for the whole family.  Love it!!!


Pros: Pronounceable ingredients, gentle, safe, lathers easily

I love Lusa's soaps and this one is no exception. Gentle for baby yet great for the whole family, especially those with sensitive skin. Easy lather and safe!! I shake my head at some of the other "natural" soaps on this website...read your labels folks!


Pros: Pronounceable ingredients, gentle soap, family business

I've been using LuSa soaps for the last five years or more. We love it! When my son was a toddler and in an intensely "blue is good" phase he routinely chose LuSa Gitchigoomee soap because it was blue. I was happy to buy it because I knew it was as gentle and safe for him as the baby soap that I used on my newborns.


Pros: Trusted, perfect for sensitive baby skin

Cons: None

We love this soap for baby's bath time. It is the only bar soap I trust for her sensitive skin. At first I was a little hesitant about having so many bars of soap in the bath (this one, one for the rest of us, and the shampoo bar), but it has been definitely worth it to have a baby bar I can depend on.

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LuSa Organics Calendula Baby Soap

When my son was born, I was in no hurry for soap. "Wait on soap until you can't get the food out of his hair," advised midwife Gretchen. Good words. When your baby is ready for soap, this is the bar. Mild, gentle, moisture-drenched, and laced with calendula blossoms. Great on rashes. Also lovely as an adult facial bar. Not a tear-free product. Avoid eyes. If soap gets into eyes, flush with water.

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