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Mama by Design Calyx Soft Structured Carrier


Pros: Amazingly simple and safe back carries, extreme comfort

Cons: Hard to get

I don't have enough good things to say about this carrier, and I'm very sad that they're not being sold right now. My first experience with it was wearing a tester for hours at a conference with a heavy child on my back. Almost every other carrier I owned was causing shoulder pain, but the sculpted, shaped shoulder straps made shoulder pain nonexistent with this. Not only that, I'm a plus-sized mama, and was able to hand it off to a petite mama, who had it adjusted for herself in seconds. We both found it comfy. This was the last carrier I used regularly for my special needs little girl, before I stopped being able to wear at all due to health issues. 


Gorgeous, comfortable, and a BRILLIANT design. Simply brilliant. The little "pouch" for back carries makes this one of the safest carriers out there for beginners to get comfortable with back carries. 


Pros: Internal seat, curved straps

Cons: Best for older babies, toddlers can reach buckles

I've searched high and low for the "perfect" carrier for different functions. For any amount of extended carrying with a bigger baby or toddler, the Calyx is IT. The curved straps (that prevent digging under the arms) are unbelievably comfortable for the wearer. The chest strap is adjustable to three different positions (though do be careful with the clips for adjusting, as they warn you!) for maximum comfort for different sized wearers. The soft waistband is supportive but forgiving.

One of the unique features of the Calyx is the internal seat, which serves several purposes. It allows great confidence when putting a baby on your back (as baby is held in by the seat and not just the straps), it provides safety (once the chest clip is secured, baby is safe, even without the waist being buckled), and it allows the wearer to undo the waist belt for things like potty breaks - without removing the child!

I've tried a wide variety of buckle carriers/soft structured carriers, and the Calyx has beaten them all. The various sizes (it's available in Petite, Regular, and Large) also fit a wide range of sizes, with sufficient overlap between sizes that a plus-sized mama could wear either the Regular or the Large. I now own two and expect to get a lot of use out of them with yet another little one!
Mama by Design Calyx Soft Structured Carrier

The Calyx is a soft structured carrier featuring an internal harness/seat for the baby and curved straps for extraordinary comfort for the wearer.

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Soft Structured Carriers › Mama by Design Calyx Soft Structured Carrier